Emeriti Faculty

Gale E. Christianson, D.A.
Carnegie Mellon University (1971); Europe, science, biography.  Author of The Last Posse:  A Jailbreak, a Manhunt, and the End of Hang-'Em High Justice (2001); Greenhouse:  The 200-Year Story of Global Warming (1999); Isaac Newton and the Scientific Revolution (1996); Edwin Hubble:  Mariner of the Nebulae (1995); Writing Lives is the Devil!  Essays of a Biographer at Work (1993); Fox at the Wood's Edge:  A Biography of Loren Eiseley (1990); In the Presence of the Creator:  Isaac Newton and His Times (1984); and This Wild Abyss:  The Story of the Men Who Made Modern Astronomy (1978).

Richard M. Clokey, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin (1965); American West, Early National. Author of William H. Ashley: Enterprise and Politics in the Trans-Mississippi West (1980).

Robert G. Clouse, Ph.D.
University of Iowa (1963); Renaissance, Reformation, Medieval Europe Author, co-author and editor of number of books including The New Millennium Manual, A Once and Future Guide (1999); Two Kingdoms: The Church and Culture through the Ages (1993); Women in Ministry, Four Views (1989); War, Four Christian Views (1991); Streams of Civilization (1980).

J. Robert Constantine, Ph.D.
Indiana University (1959); American Intellectual, Nineteenth Century America. Editor of Letters of Eugene V. Debs (1990), three volumes

Gary W. Daily, M.A.
Roosevelt University (1970); ABD. Rutgers University (1970); Afro-American, Public and Applied, American Women. Joint Editor of Index to the Writings of Ida Husted Harper: The Terre Haute Years (1988). 

Donald L. Layton, Ph.D., Indiana University (1965); Russia and Communism. Author of several articles and one book entitled World War II:  A Global Perspective.

Abed H. Mansur, Ph.D., University of Oregon (1964); West Asia, European Diplomatic. Author of articles in Arab Historian, International History, International Journal on World Peace.

Arvid H. Perez, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles (1970); Intellectual, Historiography, Twentieth Century. Author of several papers on Hermann Broch, Hayden White, and R.G. Collingwood.

Richard V. Pierard, Ph.D., University of Iowa (1964); Germany, Africa, The Holocaust. Author, co-author and editor of number of books including Two Kingdoms: The Church and Culture through the Ages (1993); Civil Religion and Presidency (1988); Twilight of the Saints: Biblical Christianity and Civil Religion in America (1978); and The Unequal Yoke: Evangelical Christianity and Political Conservatism (1970).

Herbert J. Rissler, Ph.D., Indiana University (1962); Twentieth Century. Author of articles in Indiana Social Studies Quarterly, Contemporary Education, Indiana Education.

Rebecca S. Shoemaker, PhD., Indiana University (1976); Colonial America, civil liberties.  Author of A Biographical Directory of the Indiana General Assembly, Volume I, 1816-1899 (1980) and The White Court:  Justices, Rulings, Legacy (2004).

Thomas E. Siefert, Ed.D., Ball State University (1967); U.S., Diplomatic, Social Science Education Author of articles in Indiana Social Studies Quarterly, Network News Exchange, and The Councilor.


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