Information for Parents and Guardians

Listed below are services frequently requested by parents and guardians.

Accessing Your Student's Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects students' academic records from disclosure without their consent. Listed below are instructions that enable your student to grant you access to his/her academic records.

  • Access to academic records: Students can allow selected individuals to view and discuss certain portions of their academic records by setting up proxy access. A proxy can be a parent, guardian, or any other individual the student selects. Students must set up proxy access by logging in to their MyISU Portal account and establishing a passphrase. Students then provide the passphrase to the designated proxy, who must use this passphrase any time they wish to access information. Students have the right to remove this authorization at any time by logging in to their MyISU Portal account and removing the passphrase. For more information, visit Proxy Access.
  • Payment authorization:  Students have the right to grant access to authorized users within ISU's payment site. This site is different than proxy authorization listed above. Once a student provides the user account access, individuals may sign into the authorized payer area, view the student's account balance, and begin making payments. For students wishing to grant authorization, they should visit ISU's Student Account Suite and select the "authorized users" tab after logging in.

Last updated: 11 July 2014

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