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Math Placement Guidelines

University Testing Office

Math and CS Tutoring

The department runs tutoring labs for beginning Math and CS courses. Math tutoring is currently held in Root Hall A-158 and is normally open Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday 8am-3:30pm. CS tutoring is currently held in Root Hall A-015 and is normally open Monday 8:30am-noon 1-3pm, 4-7pm; Tuesday 8:30am-noon, 1-5pm; Wednesday 8am-noon, 1-3pm; Thursday 8:30-11am, 2-3:30pm; Friday 8:30-11am, 2-3pm.

Contact for additional information: Arvana Edwards

Information on Sycamore Standard, ADA, Laptops, and Academic Freedom

Can I take courses in my native language to satisfy the Non-Native Language requirement?

Does everyone need to take a Health and Wellness Course?

How do I know which Quantitative Literacy or Mathematics course to take?

Note, all placement exams are in the University Testing facility located in Erickson Hall 231 on campus (812) 237-7776.

Is a Science lab really required?

Where can I find information about transfer students?

Which Composition course should I take?

English Placement: is determined by SAT scores or previous completion of a college English course.

Please note, the English Department offers assistance to students through the writing center:

Writing Center

ISU Library, First Floor Southwest corner
Writing Center: (812) 237-2989

Can I take Foundational Studies courses abroad?

Yes! Please contact Ms. Janis Halpern, the Study Abroad Program Director, for more information.

Office Address: SH 215
Office Telephone: (812) 237-3427

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