Foundational Studies FAQ's


How do I file a Curriculum Petition?

Each College follows a different process; in some Colleges the student initiates the curriculum petition; in others the academic adviser does.

When requesting that a course, which is not designated as a Foundational Studies course, meets a Foundational Studies requirement, please explicitly state how the course’s content does this. The Foundational Studies requirement is generally answered in a course syllabus.

When adviser error is the reason for why the student did not meet a Foundational Studies requirement, please say so.

Please do not include statements about the student’s personal life (e.g. “has a family,” “works full-time,” “has moved out of the state of Indiana”) in the petition.

The Academic Deans of each College make the final determination on all curriculum petitions.

How do I know which Quantitative Literacy or Mathematics course to take?

Note, all placement exams are in the University Testing facility located in Erickson Hall 231 on campus (812) 237-7776.


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