IIIB. Mathematics


Students must take a math placement test to enroll in a FS designated mathematics course (a MAPLE TA score of 12 or above is required to enroll directly into MATH 115 and MET 215).

Students are strongly encourage to take the practice test multiple times if necessary, before taking Maple TA. The expectation is that students will only take the Maple TA test once; however, a student may take the test an additional time for a maximum allowable of two attempts. Requests to take the math placement test a second time should come from the academic advisor to the Director of the Testing Center in the form of an email. There will be no charge to the student for taking the math placement test a second time.

Prerequisite for MATH 102—SAT Math score of 430, ACT Math score of 17 or a MAPLE TA of 7. An SAT MATH score of 430 or higher or an ACT MATH score of 17 or higher qualify the student to enroll directly in Math 102.  If students do not place directly into Math 102, they should take the math placement test, which is called MAPLE TA. Based on their performance on the math placement test, they will be instructed which math class is most appropriate for them. Should their MAPLE TA score place them in Math 102, they may enroll in Math 102. Scoring interpretation guidelines for MAPLE TA are provided below. Placement Exam Score. For more information please click here.



  1. One Mathematics course (select from MATH 115, MATH 123, MATH 131, MATH 132 or MET 215) or,
  2. SAT Math score of 650 or above (or an ACT Math score of 27 or above).

Learning Objectives

  1. Solve for multiple unknowns from available information using appropriate methods.
  2. Represent and solve real-world problems employing appropriate mathematical models.
  3. Answer questions using advanced* mathematical techniques, and
  4. Interpret and explain the results of advanced mathematical analysis.

* Courses at the level of college-level algebra and trigonometry or above

Skill Applied Learning Requirements

  1. Explicitly demonstrate how the curriculum will develop critical thinking skills.
  2. Explicitly demonstrate how the curriculum will develop information literacy skills.

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