I. Composition


Students who have an SAT verbal score of 650 or above (or the ACT equivalent) and complete GH 101 and GH 201 as part of the University Honors’ curriculum have met the freshmen composition requirement.


Freshman Composition

  1. ENG 101 and 105 (ACT <20; SAT <510) or,
  2. ENG 107 or 108 (ACT 20 or higher; SAT 510 or higher) or,
  3. SAT Verbal score of 650 or above (or an ACT Verbal score of 29 or above) and completion of the University Honors curriculum (GH 101 and GH 201).

Junior Composition

  1. One upper-division course (select from BEIT 336, ENG 305, ENG 305 T, ENG 307 or ENG 308)

Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrate fluency in the writing process: planning, drafting, revising, editing, and preparing final papers.
  2. Demonstrate competence in the varied elements of writing: thesis, stance, content, organization, sentences, diction, and technical matters.
  3. Demonstrate awareness of rhetorical strategies in various forms of writing, with particular attention to audience.
  4. Assess the usefulness and reliability of sources, including Internet sources.
  5. Synthesize and critique material from a variety of sources with an emphasis on scholarly and professional publications; incorporate sources; document sources properly.
  6. Exhibit critical thinking as readers and as writers, and
  7. Understand the relevance of good writing to real-world situations.

Skill Applied Learning Requirements

  1. Explicitly demonstrate how the curriculum will develop critical thinking skills.
  2. Explicitly demonstrate how the curriculum will develop information literacy skills.
  3. Include a graded writing component, which whenever possible is developmental.

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