President's Society - Hines Level

Mr. Kash AhmadiHines Level
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Tammy L. AlkireHines Level
Auto HouseHines Level
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Gloria J. BaileyHines Level
Mr. G. Ryan and Mrs. Stacy E. BakerHines Level
Mr. Thomas F. and Mrs. Deborah J. BarefordHines Level
Mr. Thomas E. and Mrs. Sandra P. BeckHines Level
Mr. Robert W. and Mrs. Della I. BestHines Level
Mr. Larry S. and Mrs. Elizabeth BouletHines Level
Mr. Donald W. ButtreyHines Level
Mr. Robert E. and Mrs. Mary B. DotiHines Level
Mr. Donald J. and Mrs. Linda S. DudineHines Level
Eli Lilly and Company FoundationHines Level
Ernst & Young FoundationHines Level
FCCI InsuranceHines Level
First Financial BankHines Level
Gertrude and Theodore Debs TrustHines Level
Mrs. Amy M. and Mr. Gregory L. GibsonHines Level
Gregory L. Gibson Charitable Foundation, Inc.Hines Level
Mr. James P. and Mrs. Sharon C. HellmannHines Level
Mr. Jason D. and Mrs. Christine M. HillHines Level
Mr. Patrick T. and Mrs. Jayne HopkinsHines Level
Mr. David D. HusainHines Level
Impact AssetsHines Level
Indiana Black Expo, Inc.Hines Level
Indiana Chemical TrustHines Level
Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance CompanyHines Level
ISU Credit UnionHines Level
Mr. Richard K. and Mrs. Dayle JenkinsHines Level
Mr. Norman L. and Mrs. Sally J. LoweryHines Level
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Kay A. MillerHines Level
Mrs. Geraldine F. Penman MitchellHines Level
Dr. Krishna M. and Mrs. Aruna NamburiHines Level
Mr. Marlon J. NasserHines Level
National Philanthropic TrustHines Level
Pacesetter Sports Inc.Hines Level
Parnassus InvestmentsHines Level
Paul A. Witty TrustHines Level
Mr. Richard R. and Mrs. Robin PorterHines Level
Refreshment Services PepsiHines Level
Richard Jenkins Construction, Inc.Hines Level
Mr. N. Joseph SinhaHines Level
SMC, Inc.Hines Level
Mr. William G. and Mrs. Jamie A. SmockHines Level
Sodexo, Inc.Hines Level
State Farm Insurance Companies - Corporate HeadquartersHines Level
Mr. Jeffrey W. and Mrs. Penny F. TaylorHines Level
The Saltsburg FundHines Level
Mr. John G. and Mrs. Jennifer ThompsonHines Level
Thompson Thrift Development, Inc.Hines Level
Mr. Paul M. and Mrs. Angela H. ThriftHines Level
Mr. Michael H. and Mrs. Mary J. TomHines Level
Mr. William E. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. UpdikeHines Level
Vigo Dodge, Inc.Hines Level
Mr. Richard L. and Mrs. Brenda J. VollHines Level
Mr. Matthew M. and Mrs. Sara S. WilcoxHines Level
Mr. Rob YorkHines Level
York Automotive GroupHines Level