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Receiving Financial Aid for Fall 2017

Information for Students and Parents

Welcome to Fall 2017:

We've made some exciting changes this year.  PLUS loan borrowers may now apply for loans online.  Federal Direct Loans are now completely paperless!  With this change, we're also now requiring a 50/50 split for all loans.  Federal regulations require academic year loans to have equal disbursements.  This means you cannot take more loans during the fall semester than in the spring.

We've also updated our Sycamore Emergency Loan Policy to prevent borrowing for students who receive a refund.  This is to ensure that the students with the most need can have access to these limited funds.

Our office is experiencing high call volume at this time.  You may visit Ask Us to send us an email.

In the meantime, answers to common questions are found below for students and parents.

Information for Students

  What is my account status?

  Where can I get more money than what I have been awarded?

  I sent in a document. How can I tell whether it was received?

  Where is my refund? Or, how do I use financial aid to pay for books or off-campus housing?

  Why haven't my loans paid?

Information for Parents

  I am a parent and cannot see my student's information. How can I find the answer to my question?

  When will I get the result of my credit check for the PLUS loan?

  Why can't you give me information about my son/daughter's account?


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