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Special Circumstances

There are two types of special circumstances that may be considered for financial aid adjustments:

  1. Loss of Household Income.  Job loss, divorce, reduction in income or social security benefits, or a parent enrolling in college impacts household income. If your household income has been impacted during the current academic year, you may be eligible for a special circumstance appeal.
  2. Change in Cost of Attendance. Above-average educational expenses may be eligible for an adjustment in your account. Examples of these types of expenses include:

    - Day-care for a child or dependent
    - Books or classroom supplies that exceed the budgeted amount for the year
    - Purchase of a personal computer up to $1000
    - Study abroad
    - Excessive travel for educational purposes, such as conferences or remote exams

    To apply for a budget adjustment, complete the Budget Evaluation Form.

Please allow 10-14 business days for appeals to be processed. Other eligibility issues, such as Satisfactory Academic Progress, verification, or citizenship requirements, must be resolved before any appeals can be processed. Submission of an appeal does not guarantee approval.


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