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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
October 26, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2006-07

Time:          3:15 p.m.   

Place:         HMSU, Dede III

Officers:      Chair S. Lamb, Vice Chair B. Evans, Secretary C. Hoffman

Senators: E. Bermudez, K. Bolinger, E. Brown, J. Buffington, D. Collins, J. Conant,

S. Davis, J. Fine, B. Frank, A. Halpern, T. Hawkins, P. Hightower, J. Hughes,

M. McLean, C. Mehrens, M. Miller, L. O’Laughlin, S. Phillips, R. Schneirov, S. Shure,

T. Steiger, C. Stemmans, G. Stuart, J. Wilson, S. Wolf, D. Worley, D. Yaw, G. Zhang

                  Absent: S. Allen, C. Amlaner, H. Chait, S. Ghosh, K. Liu, G. Minty, T. Mulkey,

                  S. Pontius, J. Powers,

Ex-Officio:   Provost Maynard, Assoc.VP  English

Visitor:        W. Dando


I. Memorials

     Memorials were read and accepted by acclamation for Stanley Chipper and Benjamin Moulton.


II. Administrative Report

    Provost Maynard reported:


1) A Cyberwire has been sent out explaining that the $1.5M in one-time monies will be distributed

   as a one-time compensation payment to all full- and part-time regular employees (benefits-eligible        

   faculty and staff) who were employed on June 30, 2006, and remained employed in eligible 

   positions from June 30 to Nov. 17.this fall. Thanks to all who worked on recommendations for this



2) The new Welcome Center is open and is expected to enhance recruitment.

    Requested information about dollars expended will be reported later.


3 ) Tthe State Budget Committee has approved funds for renovation of University Hall (~ $29 Mil);

    2 to 2 ½ years  projected from beginning to end.


4) Parking garage groundbreaking was Oct. 23.   Lot 3 (7th and Cherry) is closed for the construction,

    which is expected to take 18 months; plans are for a formal dedication in November.


5) The University has received two awards – one state, one national:

 "Community Spirit Award" (state)  – for work with and accommodation of persons with disabilities 

 "President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll" (national)

        -- for service related to hurricane Katrina


6) The Board of Trustees will meet  Wed. 11-1-06 at 10 a.m. 


             Agenda information will be distributed electronically in advance








                                                                                                             UFS #3, 10/26/06, Page 2


III. Chair Report

      Chair Lamb:

        “"Vice-Chair Blanche Evans and I met with Trustee President Mike Alley, Trustee Vice -President Ron  

        Carpenter, President Benjamin, and Provost Maynard on Thursday, October 19th at Condit House to  

        discuss the present climate on campus. The conversation was extremely frank. The format was  

        devoted almost exclusively to one in which Blanche and I presented a perspective of the President’s  

        leadership to the two Board members. The discussion did not stray from that issue.  Trustee Alley

        stated that the 360 would take place this year, although he did not state   when. 

        Trustee Alley conducted a fair and open meeting.


        On other issues, : I continue to worry about the number of interim chairs, and interim Ddeans.   

        Apparently, half of the chairs in Arts and Sciences are iInterim, and the deans who are permanent are  

        Dean McCallister (Library), Dean Foster (Technology), and Dean Balch (Education). )-- tThree out of    

        eight.  The turnover rate of administrators is alarming.  We have so little continuity, that the institution is

        struggling.   We must have greater stability.   We must have more academic building blocks. 

        The ability to retain and attract good faculty, administrators, and staff is suffering.  Faculty, especially

        young faculty, are discouraged and are looking elsewhere.



       The recent resignation of Dean Green has caused trauma across the University Community. Those  

        people in administrative positions and vulnerable are dismayed and speaking among themselves. 

        Faculty are shocked and are speaking out through a multitude of venues. The entire University

        community has reacted negatively to this event.  How can we have a positive outlook when one of our

        most talented leaders must resign.?


        Another issue, : The last date to access retirement window number 3 is apparently December 31, 2007.  

        Faculty between the ages of 60 and 65 who are considering retiring in order to have access to this 

        window are very concerned that the health benefits that presently are on the books, will be pulled out from 

        under them after they retire.  They want to make an informed decisions.  People have spent their entire 

        careers here with the expectation that this was part of their employment package. I encourage the 

        administration to work through FEBC concerning this issue.


        On a much less distressing note: I hope someone has stepped forward from the Arts and Sciences

        Senators to serve as the liaison between the College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Council and the Senate. 

        If someone is willing to serve, please inform Mary after this meeting.


        Enough of my good news. Let us turn to Mr. Brown of the SGA for his thoughts."



IV. SGA Report

   Jeff Brown:

        SGA supports the $1.5M distribution decisionfor distribution as well as the marketing and enrollment  

        initiatives, and will be investigating the state of Affirmative Action on campus.


V. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion

1) Faculty are were encouraged to support the Faculty Scholarship.


2) Proactive measures encouraged to offset growing trend to minimize faculty governance  

    involvement in University decisions.


3) No funds will remain of the $1.5M one-time money for placement in Special-Purpose faculty  

    funding pools., or to devote to instructional support services.


4) Provost Maynard reported that he is unaware of anyThere is no activity toward divestiture of the  

    VEBA trust; however,. FEBC will continue to monitor  the issue.





                                                                                                             UFS #3, 10/26/06, Page 3

VI. Minutes of September 28 – APPROVED (Evans, Hightower 31-0-0)


                                                                                                             UFS #2, 9/28/06, Page 3

VII. Senate Actions

      Changes to the University Handbook Faculty Grievance Policy


     Item 1:  approved APPROVED (Hightower, Miller 31-0-0): Changes to Section II, page 13, Article 14:


       The faculty of Indiana State University has primary responsibility for such fundamental areas as  

       curriculum, methods of instruction, research/creativity, faculty status (i.e., promotion, performance  

       review, and tenure), and those aspects of student life which relate to the educational process.  All    

       faculty members  (tenured, tenure-track, special purpose, and part-time temporary faculty) who believe a  

       decision adversely affects these responsibilities or the financial, intellectual, or pedagogical aspects of

       their appointments and results from a violation of University policy, (i.e., arbitrary,  punitive, or capricious

       application of policies regarding work  assignment, or other procedures, except those exempted  below),

       academic freedom, or inadequate consideration (this  might be with regard to a working condition or

       assignment,  except those exempted  below), may petition the appropriate  faculty committee for redress. 

       All faculty members are entitled to due process, including a faculty hearing of record and the opportunity

       to confront any adverse witnesses and/or to respond to adverse information.  Procedures other than this

       one exist in the University for faculty dismissal (tenured, tenure-track, special purpose, and part-time

       temporary faculty, but “dismissal” referred to here is different from the  non-reappointment of a tenure-

       track faculty member, which is also addressed by a separate policy), appointment, tenure, and  

       promotion, pay for performance, or conduct involving illegal discrimination.


Item 2: approved APPROVED (Hightower, Frank 30-0-0):

           Changes to Handbook language (II-15, sec. 5 part b) - re: grievances:


      Before the sentence beginning: with "Once the grievance committee has been established ..."

      the following sentence should be inserted: insert the following sentence: 


      "In cases where a grievance has been filed by a special purpose or part-time temporary faculty member, the  

      Special Purpose and Part-Time Temporary Faculty Advocate shall serve as a sixth member of the grievance

      committee with a speaking but nonvoting seat."


Item 3: approved APPROVED (Hightower, Frank 30-0-0).

   Changes to Handbook language (II-11, sec. XI) – re: dismissal procedures:


          Revise the first sentence to read:

:    The first sentence that reads


      "When reason arises to question the fitness of a University faculty member who has tenure…(insert) "… or a tenure track

      appointment, or a special-purpose facultyappointment member whose term appointment has not expired, the appropriate   

      administrative officers…"


VIII. Old Business:  None.


IX. New Business: None.


X. Standing Committee Reports

      Senators provided updates on respective standing committee activity since the September

        Senate meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 4:02 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

C. Hoffman, Secretary