University Faculty Senate

Executive Committee (EC) September 2, 2008 Minutes
2008- 200

Faculty Senate Executive Committee
September 2, 2008

Approved September 9, 2008
September 2, 2008 Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2008-09

 Present:   V. Sheets, A. Anderson, J. Fine, A. Halpern, C. Hoffman, S. Lamb, S. Pontius, T. Sawyer, D. Worley

 Guests:  Provost J. Maynard and J. Gatrell 

 I.          Administrative Report
            a.         Provost J. Maynard stated that he had nothing further to report other than what he

reported at the last EC meeting on August 19, 2008.  The Provost reiterated some of the information he reported on at that meeting mainly related to ISU’s status on enrollment. 

 II.        Chair Report 

a.         Chair of Grad Studies invited two EC members to serve on taskforces (ETD/New


b.         Faculty nominations for AA & Diversity Search Committees

c.         BOT Retreat on Thursday (Chair will attend; officers for lunch)

d.         Proposed Change in President’s Office: Director of Internal Communication to

 parallel Director of External Relations

 III.       Fifteen Minute Discussion

a.         Discussion on Facilities Master plan and President’s strategic planning initiative.  

b.         Budgetary issues related to Athletics and repairs for Memorial Stadium, ISU track maintenance, Hulman Center, New Recreational Center..

IV.       New Business

            a.         Report by J. Gatrell – Priorities for Grad office/Discussion

1)         Proposal for electronic dissertations and on line template for writing papers. Create workshop for students related to new processes.

2)         Expand capacity for new programs – e.g., Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. 

3).        Planned move to DARs for a less error-prone check-out process. 

4)         Streamline transfer and waiver process so that it is email based. 

5)         Improve work flow and create a stronger team environment. 

6)         Review problems related to graduate school admissions and filing system.

7)         Improve relationships between GC and Faculty Senate.  GC is a standing

 committee of Senate and some noted that policies were often

implemented without coming to Senate for review/approval.

 Questions arose surrounding pay for graduate students.

 Dean responded that grad assistants are paid on bi-weekly payroll, so delays won’t put them back a month, but that paperwork has in cases come in late. Any administrative barriers to earlier processing need to be removed. Fee waivers also need processed more quickly.  Dean Gatrell stated that he would appreciate any feedback from faculty regarding new processes.

             b.         Standing Committee Slates were approved SA/SP (9-0-0)

             c.         All-University Committee Slates. 

1) Discussion about need for all committees. Sheets offered that survey suggested they didn’t meet. Created a charge to have reviewed. EC committee determined that they would handle charge directly. Sheets to provide results of survey next week.

2) Discussion about service of administrative fellows. Rule has been that if fellowship is ½ time or less, service (including voting) is allowed, with expectation that fellow would abstain (like all faculty) on matters on which they have external input or control.

d.         Standing Committee Charges Draft.  

            Sheets reviewed rational/origin of charges for each committee.

 It was observed that the new College of Nursing, Health, & Human Services still has no approved structure at this time, and that this is holding up completion of other important documents (e.g., tenure & promotion guidelines). The EC suggested that review of the structure be given high priority in the charges.

Approval was tabled until the next EC meeting. September 9 meeting will start at 4:30, following President’s address.

 V..       Old Business – None.

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