University Faculty Senate

Executive Committee (EC) Minutes
2008- 2009

Faculty Senate Executive Committee
March  17, 2009

Approved  March 24,  2009
March 17, 2009 Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2008-09

Present:   V. Sheets (Chair), S.A.M. Anderson (Sec.), A. Halpern, C. Hoffman, S. Lamb, S. Pontius, T. Sawyer, D. Worley

Ex officio:   President D. Bradley

  Administrative Report (President Bradley)

                                a.            Interested in getting V. Sheets/EC feed back on mission statement. 

b.            Requesting a more formal process regarding Emeriti status (e.g. similar to the way the Senate does memorial statement and more than an information item on an agenda.)  The president would like for it to go through the Senate.   There is a general assumption that all Emeriti are retired, but this not always the case.  Sheets suggested that maybe something could be written at the time a faculty member retires about his/her Emeriti status.   Sheets noted that this process could be charged to FAC by end of the fall semester.    

c.             The Governor of Indiana met with university presidents yesterday.   Restoration of budget for fiscal year 2009 will be restored.  (These monies are at the institution level, not state level).     ISU will have a base budget and a one time budget.   One time money will be used only once such as for adjuncts or upgrading of facilities, etc. and the president noted that we’ll need to be careful about how it is spent.  The influx of this money will not affect next year’s base budget.    The president also noted that faculty and administers should follow the budget data presented by D. McKee as a sound guideline.

d.            S. Lamb mentioned all the time involved accessing programs, particularly in his area in the College of Business (COB) as well as in other areas on campus.   He further stated how easy it is for some people to get caught up in “political correctness.”     But, it is very hard to argue against accountability as one relates to additional levels of assessment.   The president noted that information gathered for assessment should have a useful purpose and that it is easy for one to create “a swamp.”   It is not about the amount of work we are doing.  All of us are here for the same purpose and should be working together.     The president did note that Dr. Taylor mentioned that presently assessment is not quite up to speed.  

e.            C. Hoffman asked the president to comment on the building of “smoking islands” on campus for people who continue to smoke.   The president stated that these are really glass shelters even though we need to refer to them as “smoking islands.”   He stated that the Smoking Policy Implementation committee had no choice but to implement this procedure.   Most of these islands will be located in the parking lots on campus

f.             Hoffman asked about admittance of students last fall with 1.0  (low GPA’s) Approximately 53 students were allowed to return to campus.   Hoffman noted that R. Guell requested a mid-term report regarding these students along with what the deans are doing to help these students succeed. 


II.                            Chair report (V. Sheets)


a.            President’s council –re ratio, architects and process of gathering input.  D McKee will set up meeting with chairs to converse with them and inform chairs of the date for this meeting.     

b.            Campus diversity committee.   New campus diversity officer is considering resource officers.    Sheets stated that it is his belief that diversity issues are owned by the Senate and that this is not just a program.   

c.             President presented a draft comparing university benefits committee and sick leave last week.  It has been forwarded to FEBC and included questions related to the process of interaction.    S. Lamb noted that it would be fool hearted to reduce the role of FEBC even though he has a great deal of confidence in the president/administration (D. McKee’s plan).  FEBC should have an ex officio role and members on this committee.     Sheets noted that it is the Senate’s duty to protect the constitution and facilitate the president’s plan at the same time.    Will await FEBC’s comments.   

d.            The president requested that the EC re-consider mission and value statements and made a recommendation that the prior committee re-convene.    Changes can be revisited at the end.   The president noted that he views the value statements as unfinished.    He believes that it is the vision and value statements that he finds most important in the end.  He will have T. Exline re-convene that group and will also ask Tara Singer from Marketing to be come a part of it.        

e.            Budget hearings are next week and academics will be at the heart of the University’s discussion. 

f.             Strategic plan retreat is next week and Sheets encouraged EC members to contribute input.    Sheets mentioned that he was impressed with the Stratus people and is confident that they will do good work but expressed concern about the lack of attention to program prioritization work.   Within the Strategic Plan the process looks at programs for strategies but what about our strengths.  The president stated that he would like to see how the Strategic Plan program designates as various programs go under special review.  The process needs to identify new programs that are developing and those which are not doing so well.   Sheets mentioned that we do need a process for identifying future strengths.      Strategic plan should be able to come up with procedures that would evaluate programs and add new ones over time.   Lamb stated that some programs could be used to track large numbers of students encompassing high quality and high priority, aspect of both should be present.  

g.            Sheets – update on election process.   We are not quite there yet.  Sheets requested the assistance of Vicki Winn.   Three schools don’t need nominees.  Library and Technology.   Need more nominations for COB.   Three Colleges have one more nominee than we need but can use alternates.   We still do not have a 40 person senate.   S. Lamb volunteered to get more nominations for the COB. 

III.           Approval of the minutes of March 3, 2009.   The minutes were approved with a few minor

                corrections.    (S. Pontius/C. Hoffman)   8-0-0.

 IV.          15 Minute Open Discussion

a.            D. Worley reported on problems with the network system over spring break.    Students were having problems accessing the system.   C. Hoffman mentioned that the portal was

down and that students need to report whatever problems they are having with the system to the Help Desk.   This will help them to determine a common problem factor.   The president noted that Novell will be going away in the fall.  First step will be to replace Group Wise.  Worley asked if students will have to pay for new ids when the new system is in operation.   The president stated that they did not have to obtain new ids and can use campus id for voting purposes since there is an expiration date on it. 

                b.            Sheets noted about the difficulty of finding admission requirements on the web.

                c.             Sheets reported on one student who graduated from ISU but did not go to formal

graduation.   She received her diploma in the mail without a cover to it.   Also one student applying for graduate school requested a transcript in January but school did not receive it until last week.   Process will be tracked/investigated.

d.            D. Worley reported problem with Orbitz travel system related to ticket purchases.      The president suggested that someone familiar with travel policy needs to track problems. 

e.            FAC minutes/reporting - clarification of report. – URL – requires a little hunting. 

f.             Sheets – Board of Trustees (BOT) wants all employees to be evaluated.   FAC members should be meeting with prospective chair for evaluation.  Faculty can’t predict what they

                our doing (plan is detailed and encompasses flexibility.)   There are accountability issues.

g.            FAC disputing components of plan - should be brought to EC.   FAC can do evaluations like they are done with digital measures.    The president stated that variations of plan are ok as long as one can define a minimal standard of performance.  A system is needed that is flexible when one needs to be and structures geared toward minimum standards.    Some confusion/tension with part time employees to it being either informative or punitive and they are not sure what fundamental objective is. 

h.            S. Lamb re pay for performance - establishes a minimum for each of three areas then all have maximum in order for faculty to be wholly engaged – let them play to their strengths.  Document needs to move forward can revise later.    Linda can be invited to report on this situation.   Lamb stated that when it comes to EC we can say if we agree or not.   Sheets stated that this can be new business item on agenda. 

 V.            New Business

                MOTION:             Approved CONHHS Constitution  (C. Hoffman/S. Pontius)    8-0-0.


MOVED OUT OF EXECUTIVE SESSION 5:05  p.m.  (T. Sawyer/C. Hoffman) 6-0-0

 Meeting adjourned.   5:07 p.m. 

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