University Faculty Senate

Executive Committee (EC) Minutes
2008- 200

Faculty Senate Executive Committee
January 13, 2009

Approved January 20, 2009
January 13, 2009 Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2008-09

Present: V. Sheets, S.A. Anderson, J. Fine, A. Halpern, C. Hoffman, S. Pontius, T. Sawyer, and D. Worley

Absent: S. Lamb

 Exoffico: President D. Bradley and R. English (for Provost J. Maynard)

 Guests: D. McKee, J. Sanders and Kevin Bolinger

 I. Administrative Reports (President Bradley and R. English)

a. The President discussed proposed state budget as starting point for reallocations of university funds.  He stated that he wants to make sure he has a clear vision regarding allocations of funds for his second year.

b. The President stated two big factors related to university expenses are 1) the rising cost of University employee health insurance and 2) the high cost of utilities. 

c. R. English reported on the latest enrollment figures.

d. R. English mentioned that plans are being made to accommodate students who want to view the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama next Tuesday, January 20.    A global announcement will be made soon regarding this. 

 II. Chair Report (V. Sheets)

a. Attended President’s council meeting this morning.   Discussion revolved around updates on Stratus and the University budget, and performance evaluations.   

 III.            Approval of the Minutes of December 9, 2008 as modified. T. Sawyer/S. Pontius 8-0-0.  

                Approval of the Minutes of January 6, 2009 as corrected. T. Sawyer/S. Pontius 8-0-0. 

 IV. 15 Minute Open Discussion

a. D. Worley expressed concern related to call center(admission) space issues .    She stated that there should be better communication before space is allocated to another user.     D. McKee stated that space utilization committees were formed representing various areas of the campus to make recommendations on space usage.   The President mentioned that until enrollment issues are addressed/resolved that he will be looking more favorably towards accommodating Admissions.   It was also noted that committees need to address this issue by not solving one area’s space/equipment needs by creating problems in another area.   

b. Discussion of problematic issues related to university search problems as they pertain to communication (process needs to become more transparent and collaborative) and budget constraints.    R. English reminded members that we are in tremulous times.

 V. New Business

a. Report/discussion on athletic funding (President Bradley and D. Mckee)- non-action item.  Review of handouts on NCAA 2007-08 Revenue & Expenses and revenue expenses - these are also available on-line for reporting.   

1. Handouts showed that approximately $10 million is spent on athletics, about $7 million being from student fees and other university sources; about $3 million of expenses is for scholarships/student support.

2. Questions were raised about whether there was an analysis of the benefits associated with these costs.  Do our athletic programs increase the number/quality of our students?  Is this expense justified when academics are being cut?  It was noted that faculty ranks have dropped 15% in the last 10 years.  Has athletics experienced a similar decline in personnel? 

3. Questions were raised about individual sports.   Are some more costly and with lower pay-off, football, for instance?  The President mentioned that R. Prettyman makes the final decision on how ISU funds are distributed between sports.               

4. T. Sawyer expressed concerns related to spring graduation and softball players who were not able to make graduation due to scheduled games during that time.  This issue does not reflect well on the University. 

5. V. Sheets expressed appreciation to President Bradley and D. McKee for putting together the report for EC. 

b. FEBC resolution regarding spousal tuition benefits (K. Bolinger).  Handouts on the approved minutes of FEBC for November 12 regarding this resolution were distributed as well as a document entitled Spouse/Partner Fee Waiver

1. T.  Sawyer stated that he would like to see the waiver increased to equal what the University provides for dependents. 

2.This resolution will also help with state appropriation as FTE Hoosiers are counted in state funding calculations.        

A motion was made to increase staff spousal benefits to 15 credit hours per year at half  tuition, with no limit to the number of hours a spouse could  take in any term as long as the total annual hours did not exceed 15 credit hours reimbursed at half tuition (per FEBC).  A friendly amendment to recommend that spouses be treated like dependents vis-à-vis this benefit was added.   Revised motion passed  (S.  Pontius/  A. Halpern) 8-0-0.   Sheets noted that it will need to be taken to Senate, although we have only advisory authority.                    

c.Formal consideration of governance/committee recommendations from FAC.  

A motion was made to table until the next Senate meeting for further consideration.   (S.

Pontius/A. Halpern) 8-0-0.

 VI.Old Business – None.

 VII.Committee Reports – None.

 Meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

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