University Faculty Senate

Executive Committee (EC) Minutes
2008- 200

Faculty Senate Executive Committee
January 6, 2009

Approved January 13, 2009
January 6, 2009 Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2008-09

Present: V. Sheets, S.A. Anderson,  J. Fine, A. Halpern, C. Hoffman, S. Lamb (arrived at 4:30 p.m.),  S. Pontius, T. Sawyer, and D. Worley


Exoffico: President Bradley, R. English (for Provost Maynard)

 I. Administrative Report (President Bradley)

a. The President stated that he, B. Hasler, and D. McKee will be meeting with state officials soon regarding the state budget proposed by the governor.    Approximately $60 million have been trimmed from the state budget.   $30 million is expected to be generated by new revenue.  

b. Employee searches/pay raises.   The President stated that he anticipates serious discussions as it relates to employment positions/searches on campus.  $3 million has already been cut in state appropriations, and he indicated that he is watching the budget very closely.    The President also stated that should pay raises go into effect, it would not be until mid or late fall since he wants to observe how things progress and try to avoid future budget cuts. 

c. He will be asking VP’s for appointments to retention council and will be requesting the Senate for ad hoc members.  He stated that he is looking for ideas to improve retention that will make Fall 2009 look good. 

d. The President stated search pools will be reviewed by the head of Affirmative Action director, Shelia Johnson (who has training as an attorney) to ensure proper over-site.  The director’s job is to make sure diversified pools are balanced.  The President also stated that Affirmative Action will be able to 1) detect whether or not there is diversity for a particular position and 2) will be able to notify candidates of any problems related  to the pool.  He also stated that should problems arise, candidates may be able to stay in the pool even if the position needs to be re-advertised.  Search committees will be able to obtain briefings/reviews from Affirmation Action.   Searches can be suspended, but could be negotiable depending on the type of position but need to follow published stated criteria.  Check points will be in place to ensure that proper procedures are followed besides helping people to become more careful in advising positions.

e. Spring enrollment is looking good especially as it relates to transfer students.   He also stated that it is his belief that spring enrollment numbers usually track fall numbers and can likely be projected to within a small percentage. 

                f. The President mentioned that he talked to Provost Maynard (who is on medical leave)this morning.  He stated that the Provost hopes to return to campus later this week for a few hours each day.    His prognosis is looking good.    

 Administrative Report (R. English)

a. R.  English reported that 343 students have been dismissed in Fall 2008, 188 were first semester Freshmen.    He stated that he does not know how many of these students have been re-admitted for spring semester but should have this information in a day or two.   He mentioned that deans have become more aggressive by putting all their efforts into students who want to remain at ISU.  R. English also stated that the number of dismissed students is not much more than last year.   The President stated that there needs to be a better method (process) of informing students (parents) who have been suspended and will not be readmitted (rather than getting letters on Christmas Eve when the campus is closed the next week).   

b. R. English related the recent problems ISU has been experiencing with its portal (emails) and that a number of people were not able to log into their individual group wise account.  There were also problems related to accessing the network (Windows).

c. NCA leadership meeting will be held on January 15.   

II. Chair Report  (V. Sheets)

V.  Sheets mentioned that EC members are asked to meet with Stratus team next Tuesday,

January 13 from 3:15-4:15 p.m.  The regularly scheduled EC meeting at 3:15 p.m. will not start until 4:15 p.m.   The EC is also asked to meet with a group developing “key performance indicators “for campus on January 22, 1:45-2:45 p.m. - location to be determined.  The President noted that this group will determine key data points needed (data that needs to be collected) to allow for strategic policy decisions (e.g. relating to retention and other issues).  Sheets is requesting a list of issues/questions that the EC will be asked to be forwarded to him before the meeting.                 

 III. Approval of the Minutes of December 9, 2008.  

a. A motion was made to table the minutes of December 9 until the next EC meeting on  January 13.  Due to problems within the system, members were not able to review the minutes properly and on time for this meeting. (A.Halpern/C. Hoffman) 8-0-0.

 IV. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion

a. A. Halpern reported a major flood that started in on the top floor of the Science Building over the Holiday break as well as excessive heat coming from the heating vents in the labs with temperatures as high as 85°.   (It was noted that the overheating of the labs has become a common event over the last few years).    The President stated that he would be willing to meet with A. Halpern and Mark Pupilli, Manager of ISU’s Building Systems/Operations for Facilities Management, to discuss this problem in order to find  a solution.   He also stated that he is looking to receive monies from the governor to aid in the costs involved to fix these problems.  

b. V. Sheets asked how many Correctional Education Program (CEP)  ISU faculty members work for this program during the day.   R. English stated that he did not know, but will find out.  

c. V. Sheets asked if it would be feasible to have two final grade deadlines, one for faculty and one for administrators.   His concern is how to restrict punitive action (e.g., filling out and signing forms) to faculty that do not get their grades in on time (rather than also punishing administrators at levels above them).    The President suggested that administrative sign-off might be eliminated for grade changes done within days after the due date.   He also noted that when a faculty member does not turn his/her grade in on time that this should be reflected in the faculty member’s evaluation process as it is a matter of the faculty member being unfriendly to his/her colleague(s )such as the chair as well as affecting students and administrators.   R. English stated that he will discuss this matter with the Provost. 

d. V. Sheets asked if Human Resources (HR) can determine which faculty have not worked for a period of a full year as it related to filling out new paperwork.   


V. New Business

a. Selection of a new member of Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee (CAAC) - The EC recommended that Sheets make some contacts.  Issue tabled.     (T. Sawyer/ C.Hoffman) )  8-0-0.

                b. Nomination for recommending committee for Commission for Higher Education (CHE)  EC nominated S. Lamb.   (T. Sawyer/S.A. Anderson) 8-0-0.

c. Discussion/corrections of criteria for grade appeal policy as it was developed by R. Guell and sent by V. Sheets.  


         Policy will show our good faith interest in fairness to students.

         Give incentive to faculty members to do the right thing when they make errors in grade process.

         Provides faculty a degree of accountability in justifying grade(s)

         There is a grade appeals process but no mechanism for review;  grade changes are recommended, change not enforced. 

 S. Lamb arrived at meeting at 4:30 p.m. and was informed by V. Sheets of his nomination to CHE.

 T. Sawyer left meeting at 4:40 p.m. with statement to chair that he would abide by whatever changes to grade appeal policy that would be made by EC members present.    Some corrections were discussed/approved by EC members and the draft of this policy along with proposed changes (corrections) will be presented to the full Senate at its next meeting on January 22.    (S.A. Anderson/D. Worley) 9-0-0.    

 VI.          Old Business – None

 VII.         Committee Reports - None

Meeting adjourned 5:10 p.m.

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