University Faculty Senate

Executive Committee (EC) August 19, 2008 Minutes
2008- 200

Faculty Senate Executive Committee
August 19, 2008

Approved September 9, 2008
August 19, 2008 Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2008-09

Time:               3:15 p.m.

Place:               HMSU, Room 227

Present:           V. Sheets, S. A.M. Anderson, J. Fine, A. Halpern, C. Hoffman, S. Lamb,

S. Pontius, T. Sawyer and D. Worley

 Guests:            President Bradley, Provost, J. Maynard and E. Glendening (Chair Chemistry)

 I.          Chair Report

 V. Sheets welcomed members to the first Executive Committee meeting of academic year 2008-2009.

 II.        New Business

a.         Discussion related to Chemistry/Physics Merger:

1)         E. Glendening reported that efforts related to the merger are going well.  Both Dean Sauer and the Provost have been very supportive of the merger.

2)         A personnel committee will be structured from the respective committees of the separate departments.   

3)         A. Halpern asked about the 3 + 2 Engineering School Articulation program and was told that it is now official.  Students who have

            completed 3 years at ISU can transfer to an engineering college for a

            double degree.   J. Maynard stated that the University’s main concern

            would be to retain these students in Indiana, if possible.

b.         The merger of the Chemistry and Physics departments was approved (T.Sawyer/D. Worley) 8-0-1.   

 III.       Administrative Report

            a.         President Bradley’s report:

1)         He had visited four of the five Colleges, went through some student dorms and has been reviewing a lot of paperwork since starting his term as ISU’s 11th President two weeks ago.   The President stated that he is looking forward to working with the Senate and the Support Staff Council.  

2)         He will be working with committees on a strategic planning process for the University.  A report should be forthcoming some time in September.  

3)         He will be working with the administration on updating the offices of Affirmative Action and Diversity, making them separate units.   The Affirmative Action Director will report to Melony Sacopulos, General Counsel/Secretary of the University and Board of Trustees Liaison.  An announcement regarding this should come out this Thursday.  The Office of Diversity’s search for a Director will be a longer process, taking two to three months. 

            S. Pontius asked about faculty exchanges with black institutions.

 b.         J. Maynard’s report:

            1)         Karen Schmid, Associate V.P., Academic Affairs, left the

University.  That position will not be filled.  Kevin Snider, Executive Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning, Institutional Research/Effectiveness, has left the University, and that position will also not be filled. 

                                    2)         A new Graduate School Dean has been hired. Jay Gatrell will

work with campus constituents to enhance graduate education.      

3)         President Bradley has created a task force to deal with issues related to admission/retention.   This committee will meet once a week for 3-6 hours, every Monday, for the next six weeks and share ideas from the simple to complex in the hopes of trying to improve admission/retention at ISU. 

4)         C. Hoffman asked about issues related to Financial Aid.  The Provost stated that the President has indicated that Financial Aid is a high profile office and issues will be addressed, especially in the area of customer service. 

5)         It was noted that there is presently a lot of enthusiasm on campus and a critical time when the new President will be able to capture the interests of the community.   (The President so far has been to Rotary, met with ISU donors, and also met with some Indianapolis legislators.   He plans to meet with three other college presidents next week.)

6)         Plans are being discussed for the President’s inauguration and formal welcome to the ISU community and the presentation of his focus/plans for the University.  A committee is being set up to work on this and a presentation should be made by late fall.  In the meantime, the President plans to get involved in as many things in the community as his schedule will allow.  Next week the President plans to travel to California with Gene Crume, President of the ISU Foundation, to visit some donors.  He will eventually be traveling to meet with as many as 20 top major donors.  He also plans to be traveling to Washington D.C.  He will need to do a lot of traveling and may be off campus from time to time.  

7)         J. Maynard reported that the most recent numbers for ISU enrollments are very disappointing.   Approximately 70-80 students who were expected to enroll at ISU have not as yet registered.   He also expressed concern about the impact the poor U.S. economy will have on the University.  The University is still running 2-3% up from last year so he is somewhat optimistic, but ISU is 10% behind last year in graduate student enrollment and transfer students are 6% behind last year’s total.  However, the residence hall totals are high, probably due to better advance registration measures.  He stated that there is a lot of information that needs to be sorted through and reviewed.   

8)         The Provost office is working with the North Central Association (NCA), Nancy Rogers, Bob Guell (Faculty Fellow) and others.  The Provost stated that he is trying to obtain a one year extension from NCA to enable campus involvement in the development of the strategic plan. 

 IV.       Fifteen Minute Open Discussion

V. Sheets stated that he had a few questions related to the following issues:  

 a.         Status of the post-retirement benefits committee dealing with the VEBA trust. 

J. Maynard stated that it is D. McKee’s (Interim VP for Business Affairs) intent to re-form the committee.  The President stated that D. McKee had recently briefed him on the issue.     

b.         Faculty-friendly tenure clock policy.  

 J. Maynard stated that his office will always support faculty who face serious health/family crisis or other emergencies. The policy is not limited to having a child or health-care issue.   He stated that approval of requests had been pretty much automatic and to his knowledge had never been abused so his office will continue to support this policy.  

c.         Appropriation equalization.  

President Bradley stated that there is concern about ISU’s appropriation per student being higher than at other institutions and the effect if the state were to try to equalize. He further stated that ISU’s primary protection would be enrollment and retention, which could significantly alter the number. He stated that 75% of the University’s money is spent on personnel, leaving little budget flexibility in the event of equalization or other cuts. A diversified revenue stream is needed.   He also noted that the Commission still supports ISU being a place where all students are given a chance to succeed.  S. Lamb asked if the University is trying to re-define its mission. The President stated that the university has to find what its niche is. 

 V.        Standing Committee Slates, All University Slates and Charges

 a.         Standing Committee slates were approved with a few corrections.  S. Lamb/T. Sawyer (9-0-0).   V. Sheets will make these corrections and forward a revised copy to EC committee members. 

b.         All University Committee Slates.  T. Sawyer/D. Worley (9-0-0).  Sheets noted that he had sent a questionnaire to inquire about the frequency of meetings of these committees. P. Kennedy, was asked by the Chair to tally the answers and will forward their responses to Sheets for review.  He will make a report on the results to the Executive Committee.  V. Sheets stated that everyone listed on All University Committees had previously agreed to serve on their appointed committee.   It was also agreed that Susan Hoffman’s name would be forwarded again as the advocate for the Special Purpose faculty. S. Pontius/C. Lamb (8-0-1). 

c.         C. Hoffman asked if the committee had established a parliamentarian for the EC committee.  V. Sheets stated that this will be done this Thursday when the Faculty Senate meets for the first time this year.  T. Sawyer was nominated by the EC by acclamation.   

d.         V. Sheets will send out a draft of standing committee charges so the members can vote on them.  He will send this electronically to members for their review for later discussion.   

e.         T. Sawyer expressed concern over a faculty grievance process resulting in two separate votes by the PTOC committee. It was agreed that PTOC and ULOC procedures need review.

VI.       No Old Business.

 Meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

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