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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
September 4, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08

Time:                3:15 p.m.      

Place:                Parson Hall, Room 208

Present:            Chairperson V. Sheets, Vice Chair A. Halpern, Secretary Sister A. M. Anderson

                     J. Fine, J. Hughes, M. Miller, S. Pontius, T. Sawyer, D. Worley                             

Guests:         Karen Schmid, John Beacon, Kelly Ward via conference call


I.                     Informational Items, order changed by unanimous agreement:

1.        A demonstration of the Acalog catalog was given by K. Schmid, J. Beacon, and K. Ward. Acalog was presented as an online, “shopping cart” styled course catalog that is fully printable and has e-mail capabilities. It is currently being used at 53 colleges and universities.

                                                               i.      Q&A discussion followed with discussion of longevity of company; flexibility of the product, usability as a recruiting tool, personalization of Acalog, and the catalog budget. It was determined that an open invitation meeting should be held for others to view the demonstration and ask more questions. Concern was expressed about possible confusion between contents of the official ISU catalog and information contained on hyperlinked pages or sites.

2.        Enrollment Management – J. Beacon discussed the need for a campus-wide plan to recruit and retain students using image, financial aid packaging, recruitment cycles, honors programs, communications, and marketing as tools.

II.                   Administrative Report: None

III.                 Chair Report: V. Sheets

I’ve three things to cover in my report today. 


First, I want to thank all the members of the Standing Committees who have sent their schedules to their conveners in order that we may begin to get started on the Faculty’s business of the year.  Some committees have already held their organizational meetings.  And I want to particularly thank the members of the Administrative Affairs Committee for their efficiency and dedication to achieving what may be the most important task of the year: slating the faculty representatives to the presidential search committee. They met for three hours last Friday, and I believe they have identified a group of strong and respected faculty who represent faculty diversity on many dimensions (including rank; gender; discipline; etc).  I’m sure we all appreciate their work.


Second, along with many other members of the university community, I want to express my sadness at the resignation of Marsha McCloud, who has served the university in the capacity of room scheduling for many years. Those of us who had direct interactions with her always found her to be helpful and efficient in a job that was surely thankless and tedious. It is always regretful when the university loses someone with that kind of dedication and—I hate to say it—“customer service” mentality.


Finally, I wish to apologize to all that the Faculty Senate website is not yet current for the year. Karen and I (but mostly Karen) have been busy just trying to organize the activities for the new Senate and Executive Committees that we haven’t had time to dedicate to this task. Moreover, the task itself has become more challenging than expected because of technical difficulties. I respectfully ask for your patience in this matter.

IV.                 Approval of minutes. (D. Worley, T. Sawyer) 9-0-0

V.                   Fifteen Minutes

1.        More knowledge is needed to do a proper presidential search. Helpful information could come from spreadsheets on the programs that have been cut showing the number of students affected and the actual cost savings. Information is needed regarding the Indiana Commission for Higher Education’s recommendations for funding. Spreadsheets should be obtained on all institutions regarding the funding they are receiving. There’s a need to ask more questions in the presidential search.

2.        Retaining the Sociology major doesn’t seem to have a high priority with the administration. Because all departments are competing for the same financial resources faculty don’t often argue for support for programs other than their own.

VI.                 Old Business

1.        Standing Committee charges were discussed and approved by consensus for distribution to the Senate standing committees.

VII.               New Business

1.        The Administrative Affairs Committee met on August 31st to slate faculty representatives for the Presidential Search Committee. This slate includes: Betsy Frank (Nursing), Arthur Halpern (Chemistry), Mary Howard-Hamilton (ELAF), David Malooley (Electronics & Computer Technology), and Tony Rathburn (Geography, Geology, & Anthropology: Geology).

                                                               i.      A. Halpern leaves the room during Executive Session.  5:25 PM

                                                              ii.      Executive Session ends  5:37 PM

                                                            iii.      Slate approved (S. Pontius, J. Hughes) 7-1; absent A. Halpern

                                                            iv.      A special meeting of the Faculty Senate to be called as allowed by the Faculty Handbook in order to facilitate initiation of the search process. (M. Miller, T. Sawyer) 8-0-0

                                                             v.      A. Halpern is invited to return.

2.        Names have been requested to serve on various committees.


Meeting adjourned 5:47 PM