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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
October 30, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08

Time:           3:15 p.m.  

Place:           HMSU, Room 227

Present:        Chairperson V. Sheets, Vice Chair A. Halpern, Secretary Sister A. M. Anderson

                     J. Fine, J. Hughes, M. Miller, S. Pontius, T. Sawyer, D. Worley

Ex-Officio:     J. Maynard

Guests:         J. Kuhlman, S. Barton-Bellessa


I.     Administrative Report

a.    The Board of Trustees met here last week with a modest agenda. Time was taken during the Board seminar for some to talk with an assemblage of ISU’s African-American students.

b.    An announcement will be made later this week that the Presidential Search Committee will sponsor open forums on November 12th and 19th.  People are encouraged to share ideas about important attributes in a president and key issues about the campus. The information will be collected and sent to the Trustees.

II.  Chair Report

As you know there was a Board of Trustees meeting last Friday. I sent you all a copy of my report.


Overshadowing the meeting was, of course, the event of last Thursday, in which a noose-like rope was found outside of a campus residence hall. Trustee Alley and Provost Maynard both spoke to this matter at the Board meeting. As you may (or may not) know, I posted a “faculty” response on the portal on Friday:


I join others in praising both our student affairs representatives and our students for their responses to this event (in particular, for their recognition that hatred and racism are societal-level problems that need societal-level redress).


Although unfortunate, events like this underscore the importance of our continued work to promote campus diversity. Of particular note is our need to increase diversity among our faculty and also administration. I don’t have numbers in front of me, but it is my perception that we have disproportionately lost minority faculty over the last 10-15 years, and it is time that we begin to address this.

III.               Approval of Minutes (Sawyer/Halpern) 9-0-0

IV.              15 Minute Open Discussion

a.    An Indianapolis Star article covering dropout rates was mentioned. The question was raised regarding ISU’s plans to help correct the situation. The benefits and liabilities of being a charter school were discussed.

b.    Gratitude was expressed for all who volunteered to work on the NCA committees.

c.    The Presidential Search ad was published in The Chronicle on the 29th. The Board sent a draft to the Search Committee for their input before posting the ad.

d.    A question was raised regarding the progress being made on raising the floor for part-time temporary faculty - those being paid by the credit/hour. Information will be gathered by the Provost.

V.          New Business

a.    Graduate Faculty Status

                        Graduate Faculty Status Application (Brought for information only-no vote required.)

b.    Responsibilities of Students and Dissertation/Thesis Chairs and Committees

     Guests, J. Kuhlman and S. Barton-Bellessa, were invited to the table.

     (Miller/Pontius 9-0-0)

     Motion was made to approve both items together. (Miller/Pontius 9-0-0)

Discussion was held for clarification of statements. Amendments were agreed upon:   1) January 2009 is to be changed to January 2010.  2) “…participate in graduate faculty workshops…” is to be changed to “…complete a graduate faculty workshop…”

Question called. (Pontius) Approved as amended 9-0-0.

c.    Clarification on terms mentioned earlier: ISU special purpose faculty are full-time up to 24 hours over a year. Part-time temporary faculty are hired for one semester up to 12 hours.

VI.              Old Business

a.    NCA Committee Slating – Removed from the agenda.

VII.            Committee Liaison Reports

a.    AAC:  Met last Friday. J. Beacon, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications, and V. Sheets were in attendance to discuss the Acalog project. That issue has been resolved. Creating a committee to look at budget recommendations was deferred to the next meeting. They began looking at future academic calendars and the impact of winter break on Session I in the summer. It is planned that two or three guests will come in the future to share information.

b.    AEC:  November 5th is the grant application deadline.

c.    CAAC:  None

d.     FAC:  Met on Thursday. V. Sheets was in attendance. Discussion was held on criminal background checks for new faculty hires. Discussions included the existence of a question on the job application regarding criminal convictions. W. Downs and C. Barton will attend next Thursday’s meeting to answer questions.

e.     FEBC:  Two weeks ago they endorsed changing disability coverage from 60% to 66.66% income protection and reducing the time of service from 20 years to 15 years. C. Barton indicated what the cost would be to the university. The costs aren’t huge.  Changing from 60% to 66.66% will raise the cost from $175,000 to the range of $200,000 to $210,000. Changing from 20 years to 15 years of service may add one or two individuals to the rolls per year, and maybe not every year.  C. Barton presented a “wish list” of changes to coverage. She will prioritize the list and bring them back in the future. She presented preliminary peer comparisons at the last meeting. ISU appears to fall somewhere in the middle.

f.      GC:  None.

g.     SAC:  They are setting up subcommittees to work with FAC for the joint charges they have been given. Their primary interest is the plus/minus grades charge.

h.     URC:  None. A request was made for information regarding the summer stipend.


Meeting adjourned 4:58 PM