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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
Approved October 30,2007
October 16, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08

Time:           3:15 p.m.  

Place:           HMSU, Room 316

Present:        Chair V. Sheets, Vice Chair A. Halpern, Secretary Sister A. M. Anderson

                     J. Fine, J. Hughes, M. Miller, S. Pontius, T. Sawyer, D. Worley

Ex-Officio:   J. Maynard



       I.      Agenda reordered (Sawyer/Anderson 9-0-0)

       II.     Approval of Minutes. Discussion held for clarification. (Miller/Pontius 9-0-0)

III.         Administrative Report

a.       On Tuesday President Benjamin and Provost Maynard attended a meeting to create the framework for a funding document. Some areas of discussion were metrics, voluntary assessment, CAPS, and measures of accountability. The Commission is serious about moving in the direction of straight metrics over time.

b.       The 1st Presidential Search Committee meeting will be open. Not all meetings will be able to be open to the public. As many will be open as possible.

c.       The Trustees meet next week. The agenda is modest.

d.       There will be many Homecoming activities this week. Everyone is urged to participate. The Distinguished Alumni Banquet will have over 300 people in attendance recognizing alumni from the past 50 years.

e.       NCA: ISU has been charged to review the mission statement. A mission committee has appointed and has begun that work. The plans are to use a website as the format for people to review and comment on the mission statement over the course of the next couple of months. This will lead to a retreat to finalize the mission statement.

VI.         Chair Report: No report

V.           15 Minute Discussions

a.       Initial planning has begun for reassessment of the Handbook. The task force may consist of 6 or 7 people. One faculty member has been suggested. Having a second faculty member on the task force is a possibility. Also to be included are Student Affairs and Business Affairs.

b.       Discussion on ISU’s lack of mention by the ICHE in the August version of the

       “Reaching Higher With College Completion Working Paper.”

The Commission recommends that Ball State University, Indiana University Bloomington, and Purdue University West Layette gradually raise their respective regular curriculum admission standards to Core 40 with Academic Honors or Technical Honors for all their schools and departments, and communicate this admission standard to students and their families and high schools to provide ample opportunity for students to plan and prepare.

It basically makes no mention of ISU or USI. This seems to imply that these universities are not expected to change their admission standards.

c.       With Program Prioritization in mind, it was suggested that it is time to look at Sports before hiring a new football coach. A coach can be a 3 to 5 year commitment. It was noted that questions have been raised about spending money on football at a time when the university is having financial difficulties.

d.       A brief discussion was held on the topic of speaking seats. It was noted that the constitution mentions speaking seats, but doesn’t define them. The bylaws define speaking seats, but do not call them “speaking seats.”

VI.        New Business

a.       NCA Committees Slating

                                                               i.      Not enough volunteers have responded yet. Nominees were requested to be named in 2 weeks. It has only been 1 week.

                                                             ii.      Another request will be sent out, including the number of seats to be filled.

                                                            iii.      Because this will be a 3 year commitment, sabbaticals will need to be taken into consideration.

                                                           iv.      Item tabled to be continued at the next meeting.

b.       Handbook task force nominees:  Charles Hoffman, Linda Maule, David Skelton

VII.      Old Business

a.       Discussion was held on the possibility of creating a charge for the FAC and the SAC regarding standardized teaching evaluations and SIRs. The proposal was tabled.

VIII.   Committee Liaison Reports

a.       AAC: 3rd meeting is set for Friday. The rest of the meetings are scheduled for October, November and December.

b.       AEC

c.       CAAC

d.       FAC:  The FAC met on 10/11. Most of the discussion dealt with policy/procedure faculty background check (Charge #1). A subcommittee was formed to prepare a draft of FAC's response. A brief discussion took place regarding Academic Affairs' "Affiliate Faculty Status" proposal (Charge #2). Other subcommittees were created to address additional charges. The next meeting is on 10/25.

e.       FEBC: Considering whether to change requirements for eligibility for disability from 20 to 15 years. The consensus is that it should be changed to 15 years. They are also discussing a change in the disability payments from the current 60% up to the 66.66% maximum that it can be increased to under the current insurer. They feel that Candy Barton should look into other group policies?.

f.        GC: Met last week. They are talking about revisions of the Responsibilities of Students and Dissertation/Thesis Chairs and Committees document. They are putting together recruitment cards. They are meeting again on the 30th.

g.       SAC

h.       URC


Meeting ended 4:48 PM