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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
November 6, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08

                    Time:  3:15 p.m.

                        Place: Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

                        Present:  Chairperson V. Sheets, Vice Chair A. Halpern, Secretary

                        Sr. A. Anderson, J. Fine, J. Hughes, M. Miller S. Pontius, T. Sawyer, D. Worley

                        Visitors: R. Kopparty, H. Hudson, S. Barton



I.        Agenda amended by consensus

II.     Chairís Report: V. Sheets

I have two things to report.


1.      I had the pleasure of attending the College of Arts & Sciences distinguished professor lecture last Thursday where our own Arthur Halpern made chemistry (and in particular photophysics) about as clear to a social scientist as I could imagine. At the same time, he presented a meta-view of science, including the wonder, despair, and joy associated with research. Good job, Arthur.


Following this, I encourage everyone to take some time to talk with a colleague in another discipline about their academic passion (i.e., the focus of their research) this year. You will need no further proof of the quality of ISUís faculty and the strength of our institution.


2.      I am very pleased to see that the Presidential Search Committee is moving forward with holding their promised open forums. I hope that all of you are able to attend at least one of the sessions. Please encourage your colleagues to attend too. We have a great opportunity to give guidance to the search process, and it would be a shame if we were to forfeit it due to neglect.


I again compliment the Search Committee and Trustee Carpenter on their willingness to involve the entire community in the search process. I hope that they continue this pattern of openness and campus-wide involvement throughout the search process. This would bode very well for our future.

III.   Approval of minutes:  (Sawyer/Pontius) Ė as amended  8-0-1

IV.  Curriculum Proposal:  MS in Computer Science, new graduate degree

R. Kopparty, H. Hudson, S. Barton were invited to the table. (Miller/Pontius) 9-0-0

1.   A letter of support from the Graduate Council was distributed.

2.   R. Kopparty and H. Hudson addressed the changes and updates to the proposal.

3.   A petition of support from students was distributed.

4.   Amendments were recommended and accepted.

5.   S. Barton expressed support.

Question called (Miller) 7-2-0

Motion to accept as amended (Fine/Worley) 9-0-0

V.     Fifteen Minute Open Discussion

1.       Data on SATM and SATV scores for entering freshmen between 2000 and 2007, obtained from the OSPIRE Web site were presented. Although the administration has claimed that the preparedness of students has been improving, the SAT scores show, if anything, a slight decline. A brief discussion followed on Core 40 completion rates and SAT scores.

2.       A question was raised about the possibility of a Spring groundbreaking for the new NHHP building.

3.       Presidential Search candidates

4.      A request was made of the Chair to get a definitive answer on ownership of SIRs.

5.      Discussion was held on the transparency of the Presidential Search and attendance of the upcoming Open Forums.

VI.        New Business: None

VII.            Old Business: None

VIII.         Committee Liaison Reports

1.      AAC:  None

2.      AEC:  None

3.      CAAC: Discussions are being held on where the responsibility lies for completeness of proposals, alternative ways to create proposals, and proposal workshops. CAACís Executive Committee will be working on this issue. They will be working on paring back the CAPS Manual. S. Gick is looking at how to do prerequisites on Banner. They may do a practice run with Mathematics.

4.      FAC:  They are working on a document regarding criminal background checks.

5.      FEBC:  None

6.      GC:  A number of curriculum items have been dealt with. They do not come forward to the Executive Committee.

7.      SAC:  None

8.      URC:  They have been reviewing proposals.



Adjourned 4:30 PM