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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
Approved November 15, 2005.
November 08, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2005-06

Time:            3:15 p.m.  

Place:          Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present:       Chairperson S. Lamb, Vice Chair V. Sheets, Secretary Sr. A. Anderson

                    V. Anderson, B. Evans, B. Frank, C. Hoffman, J. Hughes, S. Shure

Ex-Officio:     President Benjamin, Provost Maynard



I.  Administrative Report

            President Benjamin addressed:

            1) Enrollment Taskforce continues to meet; the broad forum has been beneficial;

            2) Master Planning Group has been on campus recently; long from being final—good options presented.


            Provost Maynard addressed:

1) noted the upcoming celebrations recognizing Vice President Schafer’s service to the University;

2) meeting of last week with the Graduate Council for discussion of the Student Academic Progress policy; good progress had been made;

3) his attendance at a town hall meeting with graduate students yesterday; fair attendance; first pay cycle under consideration for possibly starting earlier in the semester;

4) a recent article in the Statesman regarding the Program Prioritization initiative—good summarization;

5) a seminar presented for the Board of Trustees on Engagement—presenters were informative with good representation;

6) the Enrollment Taskforce has discussed retention strategies; one aspect of focused recruitment under consideration targets the Hispanic community; an assessment of first-year courses with high numbers of student grades of D, F, or W—good indicator of student non-continuance;

7) feedback received from the Laptop Scholarship indicates a positive effect on enrollment;

8) a meeting with the Arts and Sciences Dean for discussion of the Life Sciences’ MOU has been delayed by calendar conflicts.


II. Chair Report

            Chair Lamb reported:

            “Scott Davis is here to present comments concerning the College of Education Dean Search Process in behalf of the College of Education Congress. I would like your permission to give him an opportunity to speak immediately after my statement.

I do want to thank Scott for arranging the AAUP Campus Forum on The Enrollment Crisis and Faculty. This forum is critical in that it will allow faculty an important venue for offering input into the process. Thank you, Scott.  That forum is in HMSU rm. 307, from 3:30 until 5:00 pm.  Mary has sent out a global to the University Community encouraging attendance.

At the Board meeting, it was announced that the Health Benefits Plan that had passed though the Faculty Senate had been scrapped. Candy Barton determined after


                                                                                                            EC#10, 11/08/05

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further investigation that Anthem was unwilling to commit to several items that were beneficial to our University. She wisely made a decision to scrap the plan. Alternatives

are being evaluated.  Also, at the Board meeting, the hiring freeze was announced as the result of financial considerations.

I want to reinforce to the Executive Committee that tenure track lines hires have been dramatically impacted by the financial troubles. The Provost has communicated that we have approximately $2.3M in vacant faculty lines to be dispersed in the following manner:


·Approximately 1/3 or $750K will be allocated for faculty searches.

·Approximately 1/3 or $750K will be used to supplement the temporary faculty

            budget for next year.

·Approximately 1/3 or $750K will be targeted to address a portion of our budget



The Provost has been forthright about the use of these monies normally devoted to tenure track lines. Nevertheless, only 1/3 of the $2.3M will be returning to tenure track lines.

I heard from a graduate student in Ceramics that three professors in 3-D arts, ceramics, woodworking and sculpture are retiring and she is under the impression that none are being replaced. She speaks of the national reputation being lost, and of the start up cost being enormous. There are truly repercussions for our students as well. 

The Provost and the Executive Committee officers have discussed the resignation of Jake Jakitis, the General Education Coordinator. 

The Provost is in agreement that whomever serves in that role, even if the role is altered, the work will still be channeled through General Education Council and the CAAC for its approval.  Brian Kilp who is currently Chair of the Gen Ed. Council has asked how to proceed in the process by which we find a replacement for the General Ed. Coordinator.

The Provost has promised to take his initial plans on the reorganization of his office to AAC as soon as possible for their input.

As promised, I did have conversations with Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences Tom Sauer on Monday (November 7, 2005) informing him of my perception of the history of the Life Sciences MOU, and of the importance of adhering to that document for the well being of the institution.


S. Davis invited to the table by consensus.

S. Davis spoke concerning the College of Education Dean Search Process in behalf of the College of Education Congress.  The Congress was not requested to select a representative for the search committee.  He noted that the COE faculty member selected to chair the search committee was not tenured.


III. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion

            1) Focus for discussion of the 100 level courses by the Enrollment Taskforce was “how to help student improve in order to attain a higher pass rate.”

            2) Encouragement for a campus no smoking policy; other public universities have recently incorporated this policy.

            3) Request for recognition of all courses with community engagement status—old and new.

            4) Promising Scholars evaluation criteria have been modified mid stream; Provost will provide feedback.


                                                                                                            EC#10, 11/08/05

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            5) Encouragement for the administration to accept an invitation from the General Education Council to discuss the vacant General Education Coordinator position.

            6) IRB work load and timeliness of the process noted; Provost will ask OSP for a report.

            7) Suggestion for graduate students that teach to be assessed in-state tuition fee.

            8) Handbook language on faculty attendance at Commencement noted; participation of faculty will not be addressed further by the Provost.

            9) Approved standing committee minutes submitted by Chairs are available on the Senate web site; Chairs are encouraged for timely submission.

            10) Inquiry as to the status of the Special Purpose Faculty Liaison.

            11) Application of the student attendance policy has been troublesome with circumstances surrounding hurricane Katrina victims.


IV. Approval of the Minutes

            Minutes of the November 1, 2005 meeting were approved. (V. Anderson, Hoffman 9-0-0)


V. Old Business

             Sudipto Roy has resigned from the URC.  Nominations from the volunteer list for his replacement will be entertained at the next meeting.


VI. New Business



VII. Executive Session

            Motion to move into executive session. (Frank, Hoffman 9-0-0)

            Motion to move out of executive session. (A. Anderson, Hoffman 9-0-0)


            By consensus, Chair Lamb was charged by the Executive Committee to construct a recommendation to Provost Maynard requesting that the COE Congress be allowed to send forward three names, from which the Provost selects one to serve as the representative on the COE Dean’s search committee as the COE Congress representative.  The recommendation was also to be that no one be removed from the existing committee. 


The meeting adjourned at 4:44 p.m.