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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
November 28, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2006-07

Time:            3:15 p.m.  

Place:          Hulman Memorial Student Union 307

Present:       Chairperson S. Lamb, Vice Chair B. Evans, Secretary C. Hoffman

                     B. Frank, A. Halpern, J. Hughes, M. Miller, T. Mulkey                     

Ex-Officio:     Provost Maynard

Guests:         R. Guell, Coordinator, First-Year Experience Programs


I.  Administrative Report Provost Maynard:


    1) All of the one-time-payment issues involving non-tenure-track faculty and staff have been  

        resolved.  Bi-weekly staff received payment on the Nov. 22 check, and monthly staff will be

        paid on the Dec. 1 check. 


    2) Retention is a major concern which the administration is and will be addressing. 

        The Office of Admissions is making progress in reaching its goals.



II. Chair Report S. Lamb:


       I want to thank the administration, specifically Provost Maynard, Dean Sauer, and Chairperson 

       Perrin, for accomplishing the one-time payment to 18 or so temporary full-time faculty who had found

       themselves in a catch 22.  These faculty typically have full-year appointments, but for this semester   

       were given only six-month appointments.  The intent is to rehire these people in the Spring.


       This payment fully accomplishes the one-time payment to all temporary full-time faculty.


III. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion


    1) Laptop Computers for Faculty second round:

        Some delay in arrival.  They are expected to be distributed before the end of the term so that  

        faculty will have them to take home and use over the holiday break.


    2) Students transferring from ISU an issue of major concern:

        Freshmen:  Over several years, retention has been 65-70%.

        Upper classmen: Little information is available.    

        Multiple reasons are possible, but often we do not know why students go elsewhere.

          -- Exit interviews occur only if a student leaves before the end of a term.

          -- Many students simply fail to return for a new term and we have no further information. 

       The issue requires (and will get) further investigation.


    3) Evaluation of Special-Purpose Faculty:

        Some concern expressed that the evaluation form is different from that used for other faculty.

        Question raised as to whether the evaluation is equivalent and fair.




                                                                                                                             EC # 11, 11/28/06

                                                                                                                                        Page 2     

Fifteen Minute Open Discussion (continued)



    4) Faculty Workload inequities ?:

        Some faculty teach sections of 15 (or fewer) students, while others have 200. 

        The issue clearly needs investigation  


    5) High School Dropout Rate story in Indianapolis Star: 

        ISU could make a major contribution to education in Indiana if the University, specifically the

        College of Education, were to address the issue, perhaps through workshops for high school 

        administrators, faculty, staff, and counselors.  Federal funding is available.


    6) VP for Enrollment Management search progress:

         VP Ramey is chairing the search committee, which has been meeting. 

         A consultant should be selected before the end of the year.


    7)  Welcome Center cost ? [unanswered question from prior meetings]    

          $132K to date; Some additional ($15-$20K ?) may be expended.


    8) VP Human Resources search progress:

          Search committee has met and chosen a consultant.

          The job ad has appeared in the Chronicle.


    9)  Director, Affirmative Action search progress:

         Will be conducted after appointment of VP for Human Resources



IV. Approval of the Minutes Minutes #10 (Nov. 14):  APPROVED (Evans, Miller 8-0-0)



V.  FAC Recommendation:  Academic Dismissal of Freshmen:

      R. Guell explained the proposal and answered questions.

          Proposed Catalog language (change bolded and underlined): 


            Students who meet the following criteria will be academically dismissed:

                 a: First-term students who earn a term grade point average of 1.00 or less;

                . . . .


      Discussion: change of "semester" to "term": 

                   Summer sessions (combined) will be defined as a separate "term."

                    Concern that a new student taking one summer course could be dismissed.

                          -- The "operational understanding" is that the policy applies to "first-term full-time 

                                 undergraduate students, and does not apply to transfers.   

                          -- Students may appeal for reinstatement under a "Dean's Option."

      APPROVED  (Frank, Evans 7-0-1)



VI. Old Business

      Graduate Council statement on the Program Prioritization process will be an agenda item for 12/5/06


VII. New Business -- none





                                                                                                                             EC # 11, 11/28/06

                                                                                                                            Page 3



Additional Discussion:


    1)  University College:


         What is the goal? How will a "university college" accomplish that goal?

             -- Better coordination of programs is desirable.

                   Is a "university college" the best way to reach the goal? 

                   Are other means/methods possible?

         Conclusion: Many questions remain; more information is desirable and will be forthcoming.

                             Suggested that an informational seminar with non-ISU speaker(s) be organized.



    2) Academic Advising How can we do it better ?  


          Faculty are overloaded. Not all advising is of the same quality. 

          Would professional advisors be preferable?

          How can faculty encourage students to get necessary help (tutoring, study sessions, etc.)?



The meeting adjourned at 4:34 p.m.  (Halpern, Miller 8-0-0)



Respectfully submitted,


C. Hoffman, Secretary2