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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
Approved April 1,2008
March 18, Minutes.

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08


Time:          3:15 p.m.

Place:          HMSU, Room 227

Present:     A. Halpern, Sister A. M. Anderson, J. Fine, J. Hughes, M. Miller, S.   Pontius, T. Sawyer, D. Worley

Excused: V. Sheets

Ex-Officio: B. English

Guests: S. Kier, F. Lai, L. Benedict, R. Mundell, S. Monday





I.    Administrative Report

a.   Budget meetings start March 19 in the afternoon, in Tirey.

b.   The search committee for the Dean of the College of Nursing and Health and Human Performance will meet on Thursday, hopefully to make their choices to send to the Provost.

c.   Academic Affairs is reviewing the third, fourth and fifth year faculty.

d.   April 16 is the Faculty Recognition Banquet.

II.   Chair’s Report

ballots for the election of senators will be mailed out imminently. It is important for faculty to take part in this important part of faculty governance.


request forms for service on university committees will be circulated soon. Here, also, faculty are encouraged to respond. By serving on standing committees and other university committees, faculty have a direct and immediate opportunity to be part of governance.


the presidential search committee has completed its work. After the trustees select finalists, they will appear at campus forums. Faculty should make every attempt to take part in these forums and provide their input as requested. The selection of president is of utmost important at this critical time in the university’s development.


as has been mentioned in the Executive Committee recently, the faculty want to participate, along with other campus constituencies, in the formulation and development of the campus Master Plan. We anticipate that the new president will actively continue in this vital undertaking, and will use this opportunity to forge an initial, and it is hoped, enduring engagement with the university and the constituencies that make it what it is.


information about obtaining academia regalia for the May commencement has distributed. Faculty are encouraged to participate in this significant event in the lives of our students


Faculty Senate Associate

Filling the vacancy created by Karen Buchholtz’s departure has taken longer than expected. Fortunately, I can report that Ms. Patricia Kennedy has been offered and has accepted this position and is expected to join us on March 31.

III. Approval of Minutes (8-0-0)

IV   New Business

a.   Liza Benedict, the new Assistant VP of Marketing, introduced herself and explained the restructuring of Enrolment Services and Marketing. She invited Exec to name 2 faculty to the reconstituted Web Advisory Committee.

b.   R.Mundell and S. Monday gave a presentation on the Bookstore’s textbook requisitioning process.

V.  Old Business

Curriculum Proposals

a.      Curriculum and Instruction (Sawyer/Worley) 8-0-0

Revision of existing graduate program: new courses–CIMT 650; CIMT 658; CIMT 665; CIMT 775–banking of courses: CIMT 560; CIMT 565. S. Kiger provided rationale, stating that these revisions follow NCATE rules and will articulate plans for assessment.

b.      Educational Technology (Sawyer/Pontius) 8-0-0

Major, CIMT, revision of existing graduate program: new course–CIMT 689. F. Lai presented the rationale: the new course is on learning theory and instruction strategies. Regarding changes in required courses: they were determined to be important enough, with 689, to be required, adding more learning theory to the “hands on” courses.


VI. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion

a.   Status of Graduate School Dean search? Search is late to start; expect to review applications by mid-April.

b.   Lottspeich memo to Exec.

Following discussion of the motion by J. Hughes (J. Hughes/Pontius) that the EC should discuss/determine whether Dean Sauer and/or the Provost exceeded their authority in calling for rescinding the split, the motion was amended as:

The Exec chair is directed (Hughes/Pontius OK) 7-0-1 to request that The Dean of A&S, Tom Sauer, provide in writing a report of the process in re-merging  LSCI and EOB, and to clarify the status of Geology and Anthropology.  Dr. Sauer will also be invited to Exec, following their receipt of his report, to discuss the current situation.

VII. Committee Reports

                  Details are in the individual committee minutes.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.