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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
Approved  .
January 8, Minutes.

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08


Time:  3:15 p.m.

Place: Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present:  Chairperson V. Sheets, Vice Chair A. Halpern, Secretary

Sr. A. Anderson, J. Fine, J. Hughes, M. Miller S. Pontius, T. Sawyer, D. Worley

Visitors: S. Davis



Agenda reordered by consensus

I.        New Business – S. Davis was invited to the table.

a.       New graduate proposal – Public Librarian IV Certificate (Sawyer/Worley)

S. Davis and J. Maynard: no additional resources needed, allows for better student tracking, earns a certificate. Question called (Sawyer) 9-0-0

b.      New graduate proposal – Library Media Additional License (Sawyer/Worley)

S. Davis and J. Maynard: no additional resources needed, allows for better student tracking, and clarifies rules regarding transfer of non-degree credit hours. The program would be accredited through NCATE. No license is earned, but makes students eligible for licensure. It is felt that the program title may be misleading. Motion to table (Miller) 9-0-0

Assoc. Dean, S. Powers will be informed of the title issue and invited to the next Executive Committee meeting.

II.     Administrative Report: J. Maynard

a.       The Spring 2008 enrollment report shows 127 less students than same day and time last January, which is -1.4%. Credit hours are -2.3%. Graduate enrollment for new students is down 18 from this time last year. Freshmen are up 15. Transfer students are up by 20. The problem remains with returning students, with 160 less returning undergraduate students. The numbers for next Fall are up. It could be due to improved enrollment processes and students applying earlier than last year. The official picture is taken on Monday.

b.      The search for a dean for the NHHS continues. The search committee met yesterday. New candidates are expected in February or March.

c.       A search committee is being formed for the Graduate Dean. The Faculty Senate and Graduate Council will be asked for nominations within the next few weeks.

d.      A campus retreat will be held on January 16th. It is an important effort to finalize the Mission Statement. Feedback is needed from faculty, staff, and students.

e.       A farewell reception for President Benjamin is scheduled for April 17th.

f.        A fee-driven Scholarship Appreciation Dinner will be held on May 2nd. The proceeds will go to a scholarship.

g.       The post retirement benefits committee will be called together immediately.

h.       The Smoking Committee has met once. They will complete their task this semester.

i.         A brief discussion followed on the dean search. AAC will also be asked to recommend nominees. A national search will be conducted.

III.   Chair’s Report: V. Sheets

a.       Federal funding has been obtained to support three projects involving Indiana State University -- a study of railroad track relocation, new business development incubator, and an expansion and relocation of the ISU Learning Center in Bedford.

b.      Provost Maynard was asked to speak briefly about the VSA.  K. Schmid will be invited to speak in more detail at the next Executive Committee meeting.

c.       Compensation increases for this year are expected to be around 4%. The FEBC is working on distribution recommendations.

d.      The Benefits Review Committee has not met. VP Floyd formed the committee in August to evaluate the post retirement benefits issue in light of the upcoming change in accounting standards. The advantage of starting the conversation now rather than waiting is that it will take several months to come to a resolution. Knowing that the issue is being looked at may help relieve anxiety for some.

e.       The Dean of Arts and Sciences sent out a letter looking for people to get involved with VP Floyd’s office, trying to promote development of green campus (environmental sustainability).

IV.   Fifteen Minute Open Discussion

a.       Questions raised regarding retention problems - Is it possible to get better data regarding incoming students? If the students really are better each year, you make one set of judgments. If the problem is the admittance of under-prepared students, then you make a separate set of judgments. Retention problems may not all be linked to academic preparedness. Where are students going when they don’t return? Why did they go there? Was it pre-planned? Is it financial? State level support is needed to get better data to explain what is happening.

b.      Transfer students’ transcripts are being lost. Several students have had to send transcripts in three times. They have had to enroll late and pay the late add fees. Provost Maynard asked for specifics to be able to work on the problem.

c.       SGA has not been able to receive data on grades, yet.

d.      No Deans are up for review this year.

e.       Because Distance Ed students are considered temporary students, they were not able to get access to Blackboard until Monday. They weren’t able to get their text books or messages. Students were panicking because they couldn’t prepare for the start of class. Discussion followed on the difficulties and frustrations of working with Blackboard for students and faculty alike.

V.     Approval of Minutes (Hughes/Pontius)

An addition was recommended. Discussion followed. Question called (Pontius) Minutes approved as amended 9-0-0

VI.  Old Business

a.       Criminal Background Checks – The latest version of the recommended policy was worked on. It will go to the Grad Council on January 10th for clarification and edits.

VII.            Committee Liaison Reports

1.      AAC – dealing with intersession, taking a week off

2.      AEC – None

3.      CAAC – worked out a plan for program proposals

4.      FAC – will meet tomorrow at 8:30 AM

5.      FEBC – meets next week

6.      GC – will meet Thursday, January 10th to work on the criminal background check issue

7.      SAC – None

8.      URC – will be starting on grants for the Spring

VIII.         Entered executive session – 4:45 PM, exited 5:05 PM



Adjourned 5:05 PM