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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
January 16, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2006-07


Time:            3:15 p.m.  

Place:          Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present:       Chairperson S. Lamb, Vice Chair B. Evans, Secretary C. Hoffman,

                          S. Davis, B. Frank, A. Halpern, J. Hughes, M. Miller, T. Mulkey              


Ex-Officio:     Provost Maynard

Guests:         R. Schneirov (Faculty Affairs Committee)



I.  Administrative Report Provost Maynard


    1)  Official enrollment figures:  Overall enrollment is down 3.1% (compared to Spring 2006).

                                                     SCH numbers are down 3.9%.    (  "  ).


                                                     Retention is a major concern.  Multiple causes are possible.         

                                                     We need more precise information about those causes.


         Detailed enrollment figures will be distributed.


    2)  Three majors (Art History, Philosophy, Physics) have been identified for elimination. 

         An announcement will be forthcoming. 

         The change will phase out the degrees, but keep the service courses with existing faculty.

         Each department had been encouraged to find another solution, such as a merger with another 

            department, but no acceptable alternatives had been proposed.


    3)   A Global announcement has been distributed concerning the merging of Nursing and HHP into

            a new college, the College of Nursing, Health and Human Services. 



II. Chair Report  - S. Lamb


    1)  HHP / Nursing  and eliminations of majors Changes in academic programs are in the 

         primary authority of the faculty.  It is most important that these proposals follow prescribed 

         governance procedures, which require discussion and advice from appropriate standing

         committees and the Faculty Senate.


          [The Provost responded that he intends to follow prescribed procedures, but that he also 

           intends to take changes to the Board of Trustees in February.  Concerns were raised about

           the short time frame to complete processes mandated by the University Handbook.]


    2) Stressed the need to follow prescribed procedures concerning the majors in physics, 

        philosophy, and art history. Academic restructuring is in the domain of primary authority.

        Requested that department faculty be flexible and propose alternative arrangements as 

        they work to keep the majors viable.


          [The Provost indicated that the departments have a limited time to process alternative 

           proposals through faculty governance.]



                                                                                                                              EC # 15, 1/16/07

                                                                                                                              Page 2  


Chair Report (cont):


    3)  Reported a most pleasant lunch with Tim O'Neill, Interim President of the ISU Foundation,  

         and was updated on ongoing Foundation activities.  Mr. O'Neill wants to involve faculty on

         the Foundation Board, and will attend a future meeting of the Exec. Comm. to provide 

         additional information about Foundation activities.




III. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion


    1) HHP + Nursing   Points addressed:


        Significant new resources are required for this merger to be successful. 

        What are the funding sources?

             -- All the "initiatives" so far proposed have not identified clear savings. 

             -- If we eliminate majors we will lose faculty but not recoup sufficient money.


            Provost Resources must come from internal reallocation and external sources,

                              including grants, which may require hiring a grant writer.  

                        -- Additional fees may be required for specific courses and for admissions.

                             Both types of fees are common at other institutions.


        How much actual support exists in the current colleges?  Is there a need to rush? 

        Should changes occur now or wait for a likely change in administration in July 2008?


            Provost Time is short.  We need to get going. The Board of Trustees does not meet in March.

                             Wishes to take to Trustees on Feb. 23.



       Given current conditions here, can ISU attract a quality person as dean of the proposed college,

         especially on short notice?  A full year of preparation might be necessary to prepare for the change.


            Provost The search could take longer than 6-8 months; current interim deans could continue.                           

                        -- A search firm will be engaged to assist.

                        -- The search will take as long as necessary to get the right person.



    2) Effects of proposed changes:


        How will program eliminations affect the University? 

        What is our "mission"? Are we altering our very nature ?  

        Can ISU call itself a "university" without departments of philosophy and physics ?


            Provost Recent information from the Commission on Higher Education (CHE) indicates 

                            that the CHE is serious about establishing a clear and distinct mission for each

                            state school.  In late summer, a framework for a "mission focus," which would

                            mandate a unique mission for each institution, is expected.


                        -- The CHE is not supportive of additional recreational / social space, though the

                            ISU Recreation Center will have outside funding.  That project, though delayed, 

                            is expected to be approved after some cost reductions.


                                                                                                                              EC # 15, 1/16/07

                                                                                                                              Page 3  


Fifteen Minute Open Discussion (cont):


    3) When will we see evidence of cuts in administration and non-academic programs?

        What about adjustments in athletic programs as a source of funding?


            Provost Non-academic sources are being considered.

                        -- The possibility of adjustment to the football program has been raised.



IV. Approval of the Minutes Minutes #14 (1/9/07):  APPROVED as amended (Evans, Davis 9-0-0)



V.  Faculty Affairs Committee Response to Provost's "Proposal: Rewarding Faculty Excellence"


     R. Schneirov was invited to the table and summarized the FAC recommendations.


         1) Do not fragment the awards.  Keep the existing three awards.


         2) Excellence in service should continue to be broadly defined.


         3) Existing names should be retained for the awards in teaching and research.


         4) College committees and college-level recognitions, if implemented, should rely on established 

             structures and processes.  The Library should be included in the award structure.


         5) University-wide peer review should be retained.


         6) External experts should not be sole reviewers. 


         7) Awards should be added to base salary.  


   The proposal will be considered at the next Exec. Comm. meeting, to which  H. Hudson, and R. English   

        will be invited.



VI.  Old Business - none


VI.  New Business


      The Committee selected a replacement for a vacancy on the Faculty Affairs Committee (acclamation).


VII.  Standing Committee Reports


       FAC A proposal to deny graduation to students with incompletes will be forthcoming.



The Committee went into executive session (Frank, Halpern 8-0-0).

The Committee came out of executive session and adjourned at 5:00 p.m. (Halpern, Mulkey 9-0-0).



Respectfully submitted,


C. Hoffman, Secretary