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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
January 9, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2006-07

Time:            3:15 p.m.  

Place:          Hulman Memorial Student Union 307

Present:       Chairperson S. Lamb, Vice Chair B. Evans, Secretary C. Hoffman,

                          S. Davis, B. Frank, A. Halpern, J. Hughes, M. Miller, T. Mulkey              


Ex-Officio:     President Benjamin

Guests:         E. Kinley, B. McLaren, G. Minty, K. Snider



I.  Administrative Report – President Benjamin


          1) ISU will be hosting a conference on China in Indianapolis on Jan. 24-25. 

              Attendees will include Chinese representatives from government and industry.

              The purpose is to make connections and develop personal and professional linkages to     

                  further economic development between China and Indiana.


          2) The next Board of Trustees agenda meeting has been moved to Friday, Jan. 26.  


          3) The Task Force report on the proposed reorganization of the colleges of HHP and  

               Nursing has been reviewed.  V. Sheets and the Task Force are complimented for    

               a balanced and thorough analysis of the several issues involved. 

               No announcement at this time of the president's decision.


          4)  The Commission for Higher Education will meet in Indianapolis on Jan. 12. 

               The budget process has begun.


          5)  Terre Haute Mayor Burke and President Benjamin have been working collaboratively. 

               The city and ISU continue to develop partnerships to accomplish some "visionary" projects.

               The town-gown relationship is developing most positively.



II. Chair Report  - S. Lamb


     The most recent Spring 07 Undergraduate Admissions Report (1/1/07) indicates the following totals:

              383 new undergraduates enrolled in Spring 05

              367 enrolled in Spring 06, and

              ??? enrolled in Spring 07.


     I am hopeful that the Executive Committee will receive final figures for Spring 07 so that we can make   

     comparisons at next week’s meeting.


     The most recent Fall 07 Undergraduate Admissions Report (1/1/07) indicates the following totals to date:

              3.047 applications in 2005.

              2,760 in 2006, and

              3,100 in 2007.

     We are up 12% over last year and 2% over 2005.



                                                                                                                              EC # 14, 1/9/07

                                                                                                                              Page 2  

Chair's Report (con't)


     The same report (Fall 07) indicates the following totals to date:

              1,815 admissions in 2005.

              1,609 in 2006, and

              1,784 in 2007

     We are up 11% over 2006, and down 2% from 2005.


     Some distressing news in the same report has to do with confirmations:

              439 in 2005.

              269 in 2006, and

              169 for Fall 2007.

     We are down 57% from 2006, and down 74% from 2005.   [All figures cited are at the same point in time

                                                                                                           for each of the years listed.]


     We would very much appreciate an explanation for the significant decrease in confirmations.


K. Snider responded that enrollment report figures, especially "confirms," are not dependable indicators because 1) financial aid is not yet finalized, 2) many students apply to multiple colleges, and 3) historically, the ratio between admits and enrolls has been a much better indicator than the ratio between confirms and enrolls, which has varied greatly.


III. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion


    1) An $800K Indiana Workforce Development grant which funds tuition and books for ISU    

          nursing students has been received.


    2) Question for President Benjamin about the current "climate" for state funding of higher education.

         Response:  Some optimism exists that the initial request will be for a 4% increase, but the   

             optimism has been tempered by reduced revenue and the move for full-day kindergarten. 

             The governor's proposal to outsource the lottery and apply proceeds to education, if

             enacted, may be helpful.  Some increase seems likely, but probably not 4%.    


    3) Commencement – The provost sent out a letter of appreciation to faculty for attendance.

             Methods to encourage greater participation were suggested, including a survey to 

             determine causes of non-participation, and assistance with the cost of academic regalia.


    4) Re: Earlier discussion of faculty retention – Eleven resignations / retirements of Library faculty 

              since Nov. 2003 have resulted in significant overwork and stress for remaining personnel. 


    5) Funding  –  Cuts seem to be confined to academics. Why are athletic programs not "on the 

                            table" as sources? 

            President Benjamin:  All programs, including athletics, are being reviewed, and not all cuts

                            have come from academics.  More information will be forthcoming.


            Noted: Provost Maynard has given assurances that funds taken from academics will go 

                       back into academics.



IV. Approval of the Minutes – Minutes #13 (12/12/06):  APPROVED  (Mulkey, Halpern 8-0-1)




                                                                                                                              EC # 14, 1/9/07

                                                                                                                                   Page 3  

V.  AAC Enrollment Management Report and Responses   


     G. Minty (AAC) and K. Snider (Planning / Enrollment / Marketing) were invited to the table.

     Snider distributed enrollment data sheets, noting that figures are constantly in flux. 

     Official enrollment figures for the current term will be determined on Tu. 1/16.


Points addressed:


1)  Part-time enrollments are increasing and full-time enrollments declining, resulting in lower

     FTEs (Full-Time Enrollments), which are the basis for state funding.  Headcount is significant 

     in terms of teaching load and use of physical resources.


2)  Enrollment Services include the Registrar, Financial Aid, Admissions, Prison Programs, Marketing, etc.


3)  An external audit of student academic programs has determined that we are doing a better job of

     adhering to required federal regulations, which addresses some past difficulties.  Results also show  

     83% of students saying that their financial aid needs were met, which indicates considerable progress.       


4)  Financial Aid staffing continues to be problematic. Efforts continue to attract and retain staff.

     Admissions has a high staff turnover. The average length of time in these positions is two years.

     The work is hard and staff are constantly "on the road," making retention difficult.


5)  On-site admissions at high schools have been occurring, as have on-campus visits of groups.  Students     

     bussed in groups to ISU can complete their applications and have admission decisions before leaving. 


6)  Prison enrollments have become a significant element of our enrollment, but the Corrections Program 

     has difficulty retaining admissions staff. We currently employ three full-time corrections "coordinators."


7) The new "Welcome Center" is also functioning as "Transfer Central," with multiple services available in

    one location.  Live people are now answering the phones, which increases efficiency and addresses a

    prior concern.  Under-qualified applicants are being offered assistance to remove deficiencies so they will 

    be eligible for admission at a later date.


8)  Staffing needs change throughout the admissions cycle, so Financial Aid and Admissions are cross-  

     training personnel to make them available for use wherever the need is greatest. 


9)   Marketing – New ideas are being tried, including visits of ISU students to their home schools and the 

      use of real students in promotional materials.  We also are targeting counties with higher populations of 

      available students and continue to gather demographic information about percentages of available

      students from each county who enroll at ISU.


10) Admissions notifications –Increased attention is being given to timely notice.  More automation has

      provided a variety of formats for recruiting and acceptance letters and for prompt responses to inquiries. 


11) The Enrollment Management Team is being revived and is expected to produce greater effectiveness.


12) Marketing, Enrollment, and Retention are interdependent and we need to find additional ways to make 

      them work together effectively







                                                                                                                              EC # 14, 1/9/07

                                                                                                                                   Page 4  



    E. Kinley noted that Information Technology is working with Enrollment Management to implement  



   G. Minty noted that today's presentation had addressed many concerns in the AAC report.



   Chair Lamb thanked K. Snider and G. Minty for their appearance, and especially commended    

       AAC for its careful analysis of issues needing attention.



VI. Laptop Scholarship


     E. Kinley distributed materials for the Committee's consideration and gave a brief summary of

     significant points.  He agreed to distribute the Laptop Scholarship Survey Results to all senators

     and to attend the next Faculty Senate meeting (1/18/07).



VI.  New Business


       The Committee agreed on text for the Faculty Affairs Committee charge concerning student  

       voting on University committees.          


VII.  Standing Committee Reports


       FEBC -- The Committee has requested additional budget information to continue its deliberations.

                     It was noted that budget information should be readily available, but often is not.



The Committee went into executive session (Miller, Hoffman 7-0-0).

The Committee came out of executive session and adjourned at 6:07 p.m. (Miller, Frank 7-0-0)



Respectfully submitted,


C. Hoffman, Secretary