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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
Approved March 20,2008
February 19, Minutes.

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08


Time:         3:15 p.m.

Place:         HMSU, Room 227

Present:    Chair V. Sheets, Vice Chair A. Halpern, Secretary Sister A. M. Anderson, J. Fine, J. Hughes, M. Miller, S. Pontius, T. Sawyer, D. Worley

               Ex-Officio: J. Maynard

               Guests: C. Yaw, W. Barratt, L. Sperry


Karen is now in the ROTC office– replacements are being interviewed.




I.    Administrative Report

a.   3 consultants are coming to campus to study how we are organized for extended learning; meeting invitations to various groups forthcoming.

b.   P & T reviews are completed. Approval has been given for 4 full professors; 1 librarian; 25 to associate; 2 denials to full professor.

c.   Sabbaticals: 38 received; 34 approvals; 6 with conditions which must be met within the next 2 weeks; 4 denials.  

d.   Parking garage agreement still being finalized; cost will be $360/space [no profit to ISU; grand opening in March.

e.   NCATE review completed. The College of Education is now in full compliance in all standards. (Assessment was the issue).

II.   Chair’s Report

a.   NCA liaison was on campus last week; likes what we have done thus far. He identified issues to work on.

b.   The Benefits Review Committee is finally meeting–let’s hope for transparency and inclusion!

III. Approval of Minutes (9-0-0)

IV. New Business

Curriculum Proposals

a.      Human Resource Development (Sawyer/Fine) 9-0-0

Certificate, Technology Management, New Graduate Program. C. Yaw provided rationale, and stated that there is a request for this program from professionals for upgrading.

b.      Student Affairs & Higher Education (Sawyer/Pontius) 9-0-0

Education, Leadership, Administration & Foundations, Revision/Existing Graduate Program. W. Barratt (for D. Collins) presented the rational for changing requirements; reallocating students; same SCH – GRE not being required @ master’s level much anymore

c.   Curriculum & Instruction Technology, CIMT, Revision/Existing Graduate Program. Tabled by consensus

d.   Educational Technology, Major, CIMT, Revision/Existing Graduate Program. Tabled by consensus.


FAC, Plus and Minus Grading Recommendation (Sawyer/Anderson) was presented by L. Sperry. Following presentation and some discussion, it was agreed to wait for the report from SAC. Motion to table accepted.


V.  Old Business – None

VI. Fifteen Minutes Open Discussion

a.   Additions to the Mission statement–consensus about disappointment with the changes and the way they were made;

b.   Master Plan and the new President–should be for the new President and campus leadership to work together;

c.   Ditto the process as we change Gen Ed;

d.   TURNITIN? Yes, license is continuing.

VII. Committee Reports

                  Details are in the individual committee minutes.