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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
Approved  .
December 11, Minutes.

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08


Time:           3:15 p.m.  

Place:           HMSU, Room 227

Present:        Chair V. Sheets, Vice Chair A. Halpern, Secretary Sister A. M. Anderson

                     J. Fine, J. Hughes, M. Miller, S. Pontius, T. Sawyer, D. Worley

Ex-Officio:   R. English

Guest:          W. Downs


I.                    Agenda reordered by consensus.

II.                 Information Item – W. Downs, Compensation Study.

The tabled 2004-2005 classification study is being resumed. The goal is to identify classifications for more equitable pay, but does not promise changes in pay rates. A PIQ will be used to assist in the creation of new job descriptions for HR, support staff, and EAP. Mercer will be used as consultants. The need to hire a consultant was questioned and discussed. Mercer is expected to be more neutral. They will use benchmark data from peer institutions, ISU data, CUPA data, and figure in cost of living adjustments. Discussion was held on how and why the HR reorganization was done independently of the study. For this unit, the average salary increase among ten individuals is 18%; in some cases there is no change in title.

III.               Administrative Report – R. English

a.       Progress is being made toward the NCA accreditation process. Encouragement was given to look at the new Mission Statement.

b.      Open forums are not well attended. Timing is part of the problem.

IV.              Chair Report – V. Sheets

a.       J. Rogers resigned from the BOT.

b.      Sunday’s paper had a front page article about ISU’s buying binge. While improvement to the north and east areas of campus is appreciated, the story raised important questions about our institutional priorities. That warrants discussion. Why are we investing so much in real estate and restoring homes at time when we are closing academic programs and worrying about the solvency of our retirement health plan? Are we seriously talking about investing millions of dollars on new athletic facilities? These are things that the institution should widely discuss. What are our priorities, and what is our checkbook saying about us.

c.       Yesterday’s Cyberwire indicated that First Year Programs moved from Academic Affairs to Enrollment Management. Much concern has been expressed over that decision. Chair Sheets shares that concern. Academic support and success is an initial step toward retention. Under Academic Affairs that is understood. Unfortunately, the decision to move this office to Enrollment Management, and presumably the directorship, was not vetted by AAC. The faculty have seen no plans that explain the purpose of the move or that describe how Academic Affairs will maintain oversight of the academic components. This announcement does not inspire confidence.

V.                 Fifteen Minute Open Discussions

a.       There have been no forums which included students, faculty, alumni, or the community with regard to acquisition of properties. Everyone should be involved in creating a master plan. Priorities need to be set. There is a need for forums, shared governance, planning, and transparency. Questions were raised about the decision-making process, funding, and budgets. It was pointed out that this has been going on for 25+ years and that money has been set aside for this purpose.

b.      Concern and disappointment was expressed at the apparent lack of respect for shared governance or transparency. Nothing is tied to budgets which forces people to squabble over funding. Discussion called. (Anderson)

VI.              New Business – Replacement of committee members. By consensus, vote to accept all replacements at once.

K. Bennett, Athletics Committee

R. McGiverin, 1 semester sabbatical replacement, CAAC

T. Gritten, alternate for CAAC


VII.            Old Business – Faculty background checks

A copy of the latest modifications was passed out and discussed. After legal consultation and further amendments, the document will come back in January.

VIII.         Approval of Minutes – Approved as modified (Miller/Pontius 8-0-0)

IX.              Committee Reports

a.       AAC will meet Friday at 10:00 AM.




Meeting adjourned 4:50 PM