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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
August 22, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2006-07

Time:            3:15 p.m.  

Place:          Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present:       Chairperson S. Lamb, Vice Chair B. Evans, Secretary C. Hoffman

                     S. Davis, B. Frank, A. Halpern, J. Hughes, M. Miller, T. Mulkey                   

Ex-Officio:     Provost J. Maynard

Guests:         H. Chait, G. Faulkner, R. Green, J. Harder, R. Peters, E. Strigas



I.  Administrative Report - Provost Maynard

     Pres. Benjamin is in China seeking external funding and making business contacts.  The President's Fall address will be Sept. 13 and will be followed by the traditional Fall Reception.


    A new "Welcome Center," bringing together Admissions and Financial Aid will be located in  Erickson Hall.  Facilities should be ready in about one month.  Public Service and Community Engagement will also be moving to new quarters. 


    The Task Force on First Year Programs, headed by R. Guell and C. Baker, has made recommendations regarding advising and a "University College" concept.  Nomination of faculty to provide review and feedback is requested.


    R. Libler will return to the College of Education on Sep. 1 and will be replaced, on a temporary basis, by K. Snider.  It is proposed to create a new vice presidency to oversee Enrollment Management, Marketing, and Communications.  This new position will be "revenue neutral."

The goal is to hire a high caliber, experienced individual using funds from vacated positions formerly filled by R. Libler and G. Bouse.  A preliminary job description has gone to AAC for input. A national search will follow. It may be possible to fill the position before the end of the current academic year.


    Enrollment figures, as of Aug. 22, show new freshmen up 40 over last year.  Current indications, based on SATs and GPAs, are that we are attracting better-prepared students.

Transfer enrollments from two-year institutions are level; upper-level transfers are not as good, indicating that ISU may need to become more "transfer friendly."  Graduate student enrollments ("head count") are level, though more are part time than in the past.  A decline in total enrollments is expected.  Retention appears not much changed.  Official counts will be taken on Aug. 30. 


   The Law School proposal remains under discussion, with no target date for recommendations. 


   Prioritization information has been released to the campus for comment.  Target is to take changes to the Board of Trustees in January or February.


    The Promising Scholars information has been distributed.  Eighteen individuals are included.  Distinctive Programs information will be released with the president's Fall address. 





                                                                                                                       EC#1, 8/22/06

                                                                                                                                    Page 2



II. Chair Report – S. Lamb

“On the Aug. 15 Enrollment Report, the category of confirms of new freshman plus transfers is up somewhat over last year. That may end up being good news. Still we must wait now for the final ten-day report before we are able to say that we have a bigger incoming freshman and transfer class than we did last year.

However, the overall projection is that we will have a smaller total enrollment than we did last year. The reason being that those who left us, through graduation and attrition, are a larger group than those we took in. Nevertheless, the statistics are a little better than we once feared.  They are only slightly better than those used to forecast our revenue intake for planning purposes.

As I am sure you are all aware, I have met this summer with Trustee Board President Mike Alley. I am of the impression that he fully understands the frustration that was expressed at the last special session of the Senate. I have had conversations with each of you about the nature of this conversation, and am very willing to discuss this privately with you again.  I have also had the pleasure of discussing the campus environment with another Board member at some length at a meeting facilitated by Dr. Harper.  I was pleased with the content of each of these discussions.

We must await further developments.

I know that we have had a number of very worthwhile colleagues in both the faculty and the administration leave us for other opportunities this summer. We cannot afford this drain on our intellectual resources. Certainly a healthy pay scale can overcome many an adverse situation, but if we cannot presently have that, then the environment, the leadership, the cohesiveness must be such that there is vigor and viability infused into the institution. Colleagues, it is obvious that we are struggling.

I do think that some individuals are attempting to step forward and provide the necessary leadership.

In the interim, I ask all academic units to do whatever they can to create an environment that looks within to their core strengths, and to foster an environment that draws upon their individual strengths to lift the spirit of each unit and the University. We will get through this.”


III. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion – questions and issues raised.

     Unless otherwise noted, responses are by Provost Maynard:


  1) Affirmative Action – How will Director's position be filled?

       -- L. Williams is serving as Interim Director.  An outside investigator has been used  

          for pressing issues.  We also have an Interim Director, Jeanine Motsay, in Human Resources.

      -- LAMB: G. Floyd has invited the Senate and AAC chairs to consult on AAC recommendations 

           regarding the HR Directorship.  Floyd agreed to follow Lamb's recommendation that the 

           position description will go back to AAC for comment.


 2) Why is ISU not involved in the Study Indiana Program, which targets international students? 

        -- ISU should have been involved in the past and will be involved in the future.


 3)   What action has been taken on the proposed Handbook language revision on department     

       chairs, which the Senate approved in Feb. 06?

       -- President Benjamin has some reservations and has not acted on the document.


 4) How much negative feedback has occurred concerning the additional fee associated with the 

      proposed Recreation Center?

      -- There has been modest negative response, both from parents and students; we have 

          explanatory materials available. 




                                                                                                                       EC#1, 8/22/06

                                                                                                                                    Page 3


5)  Does an increase of 40 freshmen justify the expense and effort (laptop scholarship, etc.)   

     expended to increase enrollment?

     -- More than 700 incoming freshmen have qualified (B average + Core 40) for the 

         laptop.  This is approx. 160 more than met the same standards in the prior year.  

         The total number of new students, however, is not as high as had been hoped, given the 

         intensity of recruitment efforts.


 6)  What is the situation on the proposed combining of  Nursing and HHP?

    -- Nothing has changed.  No additional information is available.


 7)  What is the source of funds for the president's new Lincoln Town Car?

    -- ISU owns the car.  University funds were used for that purchase.


 8)  Why are laptops designated for campus purchase so much more expensive than others available

      to the general public ? 

     -- These are considerably sturdier and will take more abuse than cheaper models.


9)   How is K. Snider qualified to replace R. Libler, even on a temporary basis?

     -- Snider will provide expertise in the use of data as a basis for decisions, which will be a valuable

         addition.  He will not be replaced in the President's Office.


10)  Will the Law School Task Force Report be publicly available?  When?

     -- Basic recommendations are contained in a two-page document which will be shared. 

         No date for release is currently set. 


11)  Why were the College of Education Congress and the College faculty not involved in the 

       selection of the new Assoc. Dean, which occurred without a search ?  This violates "shared 


    --The individual selected had served in an interim capacity, and Affirmative Action had no objection.    

       Nevertheless, this should have been done differently.


IV.  CAAC Recommendation: Motor Sports Minor

      Guests were invited to the table, provided an overview of the proposal, and answered questions.


 Points:  This minor is housed in the College of Business, but is integrated with courses from Management Information Systems (Business), Automotive Technology Management (Technology), and Recreation and Sport Management (HHP). It is appropriate for any major, especially those in Finance, general business, and Technology.


 No comparable interdisciplinary programs exist in the US.  ISU will be the first to partner

      (with the Motorsport Knowledge Exchange in the UK) in an international program .


 We will develop courses, which may be offered in distance education.


The minor, as currently proposed, is "experimental," though one currently taught course enrolls 27.


No new resources are required.  We will assess demand before committing future resources. 


In this time of tight funding, the proposal can be justified as contributing to the Indiana Workforce Development Program and the governor's targeting of Motor Sports as important to the Indiana economy.


The proposal was approved (Frank, Evans 9-0-0).

                                                                                                                      EC#1, 8/22/06

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V.  Election of Parliamentarian:  A. Halpern was elected by acclamation.


VI.  Standing Committee slates: Discussion and adjustments. Approved as amended. (Hughes, Davis 9-0-0).


VII.  All University Committee nominations:  Discussion and adjustments.  Approved as amended.

       (Evans, Miller 9-0-0).


VIII.  Charges to Standing Committees


Chair Lamb noted that proposed charges for standing committees would be discussed at the next meeting.  Additional text would be distributed in advance.  Also, two vacancies exist on the Faculty Dismissal Hearing Committee, for which nominations are requested. The Provost noted that the committee is presently dominated by male faculty.


IX. Old Business



X. New Business



The meeting adjourned at 4:59pm (Hughes, Lamb – acclamation).



Respectfully submitted,


C. Hoffman, Secretary