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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
April 10, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2006-07

Time:            3:15 p.m.  

Place:          Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present:        Chairperson S. Lamb, Vice Chair B. Evans, Secretary C. Hoffman,

                       S. Davis, B. Frank, A. Halpern, J. Hughes, M. Miller, T. Mulkey                 


Guests:        R. Green (Bus.) D. Skelton (Crim.), S. Anderson (CAAC), C. MacDonald (Grad. Council),                     

                       W. Herndon and C.J. Nasser (IT), A. Einfeld (M.A. student – ELAF)



The agenda was reordered by consensus


I.  Administration Report  - none


II. New Business – Curricular items


    1) Criminology – Name changes:


                a) Department from "Criminology" to "Criminology and Criminal Justice"

                b) MA/MS – add "Criminal Justice"

                c) Major and Minor – add "Criminal Justice"


       D. Skelton explained the proposals and answered questions, noting that the changes would  

       "more accurately describe the array of course work offered" in the degree programs, be 

       beneficial in recruiting new faculty, and be consistent with departmental and program names

       in peer-group institutions. 


     APPROVED (Davis, Frank 9-0-0)



    2) A.S. in Career and Technical Education (Associate Degree) – Eliminate


        The proposal has been approved unanimously at all levels.


     APPROVED  (Davis, Miller 9-0-0)



    3) Financial Services – new major and minor (Undergrad + Grad)


         R. Green and B. McLaren provided details and answered questions, noting that a

         graduate will be better equipped to enter the emerging financial services industry, having  

         acquired a broader background and preparation than previously offered. Students will

         specialize within the major, and all (majors and minors) will complete a 44-credit core.  

         It is possible that much of the program will be offered onlne in the future but, initially,

         instruction will be done locally. A new "overview" course and one new elective have been 



     APPROVED  (Evans, Frank 9-0-0)


                                                                                                                       EC # 22, 4/10/07                                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                  Page 2



    4) Nursing – Post-Master's Certificate in Nursing Education


         Proposal to "add a nursing education track within [the] established MS in Nursing major"


         Points noted:  a large market exists; courses will be offered by distance ed.


         Concern was expressed that documentation was incomplete: signatures and other information      

         missing from some of the provided paperwork. 


       TABLED (Hoffman, Halpern 6-3-0)



III. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion  - none



 IV. Chair's Report – S. Lamb  


      It is my understanding that there has been progress toward retaining the Philosophy major.  I hope this     

      is correct and appreciate the efforts that both faculty and administration are making in this arena. I am 

      pleased with the motion concerning that major which passed through the Executive Committee last week,

      and I thank Charles for organizing and conducting that meeting.


      I had a brief note from Robert Levy, Professor Emeritus of Psychology. He commented on seeing an ISU

      billboard in northern Indiana that read “Learn like you mean it.” He found the slogan meaningless and

      demeaning to students. He feels that over the years ISU has had a series of slogans that may have

      diminished rather than enhanced its image.


      I also had a note from Justin Moed, Legislative Assistant for Speaker Patrick Bauer, expressing appreciation

      for the e-mail voicing opposition to Senate Joint Resolution 7 and its possible impact on domestic partner 

      benefits. He informed me that the House Committee on Rules held a hearing on the proposed amendment,

      that the Resolution did not pass out of Committee, and that it cannot be considered further this legislative

      session. Our e-mail was the result of Dr. Schneirov’s expressed concerns at the previous Faculty Senate



      Finally, I would like to go on record encouraging AAC to consider forming an ad-hoc Advisory Budget 

      Committee. University budgets are in our advisory authority, and it is the second charge listed in the

      University Handbook under that committee's permanent duties. The membership of the proposed

      Advisory Budget Committee should be somewhat stable and contain at least one or two individuals with 

      proven expertise in budget analysis, which will permit AAC to better fulfill its advisory responsibilities.


      Thank you.



V. Minutes –  #21 (4/3/07):  APPROVED as amended (Mulkey, Halpern 7-0-2))



VI.   Old Business - none









                                                                                                                   EC # 22, 4/10/07                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                  Page 3





VII. Information and Q&A – W. Herndon (Web Content Mgr.) and C.J. Nasser (Website Coordinator)


Discussion was frank and wide-ranging. Major points addressed:


        -- 89% of prospective students make initial "cuts" based on information from university websites.

        -- Websites must be "recruitment friendly," but many ISU pages are not.

        -- Various audiences (parents, prospective students, etc.) must be considered, which requires 

                making choices. Competing priorities require clear goals.

        -- The University "mission" must be clearly defined on the website.

        -- "Red Dot" is easy to use but extremely difficult to customize for individual departments. 

        -- A disconnect seems to exist between the academic and marketing arms of the University.

        -- ITAC has established a Web advisory subcommittee to advise ITAC on web issues.

        -- Multiple ISU sites exist with related information (4 for fees/tuition). 

        -- Departments have control over their own pages, producing different levels of quality.

        -- Web page design staff reporting lines have changed.

        -- Many decisions and actions are awaiting the new VP for Enrollment Services and Marketing. 

        -- Increased support  is necessary to ensure improved website quality.


W. Herndon invited members to provide additional input. S. Lamb thanked the guests for their appearance.



The Committee went into executive session (Frank, Mulkey 9-0-0)


The Committee came out of executive session and adjourned at 5:15 p.m. (Halpern, Frank 9-0-0).




Respectfully submitted,

C. Hoffman, Secretary