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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
Approved  .
April 1, Minutes.

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08


Time:                3:15 p.m.

Place:               HUMSU, Room 227

Present:            V. Sheets, Chairperson. A. M. Anderson, H. Halperin, J. Hughes, M. Miller,

                        S. Pontius, T. Sawyer, D. Worley

Absence:          J. Fine

Ex-Officio:        R. English

Guests:             D. Wright, J. Kuhlman, L. Maule, D. Krug, R. Lotspeich

Visitors:            T. Steiger, J. Conant, G. Bakker



The minutes of March 18 and 25, 2008 were approved. (TS/SP) 7-0-1.


I.          Administrative Report  

Robert English gave the Administrative Report for J. Maynard who is with the Moroccan

delegates this week.

 a.        Administrative Affairs have completed a 03/05 evaluation review.

 b.        R. Williams is the new Nursing, Health and Human Services Director and will

            begin employment at ISU on July 1.


II.         Chairperson’s Report

            I’m happy to see everyone today.  As the semester—and even academic year—begins

to draw to a close, it is important that we wrap up many of the projects we’ve begun this

year.  I’m happy to welcome Mrs. Patricia Kennedy as the new Faculty Senate Associate.

We look forward to her helping us catch up and to her beginning to get the senate office

 (and officers) organized again.


The Senate Elections are complete. SAMy, Tom Sawyer, and I met yesterday to

confirm the counting.  I emailed all new and returning Senators last night regarding the

Organizational Meeting of the 2008-2009 Senate to be held on Thursday.  Patricia will be

preparing a complete list of the new Senate to be shared with the campus.


I have requested of the administration that we consider foregoing the handbook-specified,

spring Senate “reporting” meeting.  We have had some difficulty scheduling this meeting

            at a time when the President and/or Jack might preside.  In addition, the meeting is

traditionally poorly attended (excepting for the committee chairs required to report).  My

thought is that for this year, we might simply request that each committee email their

final reports for posting on the web-site.  If you have any thoughts on this, I’d be happy

            to hear them.


            Following the chairperson’s report D. Wright gave an overview of the NCAA

            certification process.

            a.         Website: – feedback is welcome

            b.         The peer review will be October 12-14, 2008.


III.       New Business

a.         Proposals                    

1)         Movement of Sociology faculty and minor into the department of  

            Physcholgy.  A motion was made to accept DW/SP.   V. Sheets

                                    presented the proposal and clarified that courses are complementary

                                    to faculty and qualifications.  He stated that there is no change

                                    in requirements for either unit and no change in licensure.   After a

                                    brief discussion, the motion was tabled (SP/TS) 7-0-1 because the MOU

                                    is needed before the proposal can be voted upon.

                        2)         Civic Leadership-New Minor (DW/TS) 8-0-0.   L. Maule explained that

                                     the minor is accessible to all students - it is an interdisciplinary - cross

college effort.

3)         Literacy in Early Childhood (TS/AH) 8-0-0).  J. Kuhlman presented the

proposal, which is a change to one Masters with three areas of concentration.

4)         Graduate Nursing post Masters certificate.  Tabled (SP/DW)

8-0-0 because the Nursing representative was not present at the meeting.

5)         EDS and School Psych (TS/SP) 8-0-0.  D. Krug presented the modifications    to  the program.

            Guidance and Counseling (TS/SP) 8-0-0.  D. Krug presented the

                        modifications to the program. 


b.         AAC Report on the Faculty Report (TS/SP) 8-0-0.  The report was given by R.

                        Lotspeich presenting comparative data about reporting and budgetary issues. 



a.         Discretionary money (TS/SP) 8-0-0.  No clarity on how much money is

 involved.   Quick survey to faculty about what they would like to do with the

 money.  A full survey in the fall to address to prioritize long-term compensation


b.          Gastric bypass surgery.  A motion for approval (TS/SP) 8-0-0.

c.         CIGNA long-term disability insurance.  Motion for approval (TS/SP) 8-0-0.


V.        Old Business

            Resolution of 3/18 requisition information from T. Sauer.  A recommendation was made

 to form a sub-committee to meet with the dean to engage in dialog in an effort to get a

resolution.  T. Sauer, D. Worley, M. Miller, A. Anderson were recommended for the

subcommittee.  The goal of the subcommittee is to report back to the Executive in an

open meeting.   (TS/SP) 6-0-2



VI.       15 Minute Open Discussion

            a.         General Education Task Force website up by April 2.

            b.         Affordability - documents how our rates have risen exponentially. 

            c.         Recognition Banquet


Meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m.