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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate

October 7, 2003 Minutes
Approved October 13, 2003

EC #6

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate
Executive Committee 2003-04

Time: 3:15 p.m.

Place: Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present: Chairperson H. Hudson, Secretary Sr. A. Anderson

S. Davis, J. Harper, N. Lawrence, R. Schneirov, V. Sheets, J. Tenerelli

Ex-Officio: R. Antonak

Visitor: J. Jakaitis

I. Administrative Report

R. Antonak, representing Provost Maynard, gave no report.

II. Chair Report

Chairperson Hudson:

1) Summed up her report to the Board of Trustees;

2) Stated that the Provost is moving ahead with issues of special purpose faculty;

3) Met with governing body chairs and discussed concerns about workload and concerns about Deans hired with tenure–need for Handbook language;

4) Met with EMG, shared Executive Committee concerns with them, worked on positioning statement;

5) Reported on modification of Experiential Learning Committee membership requested by Executive Committee;

6) Reported that the Senate website will be redeveloped this semester.

III. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion

1) Interest was expressed in the status of SCHs.

2) A report of the Compensation Committee was given.

3) The process for faculty members to review their own personnel files was requested. (R. Antonak stated that the procedure is to call him for authorization).

4) Receipt of a suggested charge for the FEBC was noted--benefits for faculty’s children attending ISU.

5) Issues of shared governance were iterated.

6) Concerns were voiced about marketing strategies shaping curriculum; non-Academic Affairs coordination of curricular matters.

IV. Approval of the Minutes

Minutes of the September 23 meeting were approved. (Davis, Sheets 7-0-1)

EC#6, 10/7/03

Page 2

V. Committee Actions­– after discussion and clarifications:

1) Accepted as amended to forward to the Senate: Retirement Contribution Benefit Proposal. (Schneirov, Tenerelli 5-1-2)

2) Accepted with the understanding of revisions: General Education Handbook copy. (Davis, Sheets 7-0-1)

3) Approved as amended: University Faculty Grievance Policy. (Davis, Schneirov 6-0-1)

4) Approved for FAC consideration and subsequent report to Executive Committee: Recommendations of ad hoc Sabbatical Leaves Committee. (Davis, Lawrence 6-0-1)

5) Approved for AAC consideration and subsequent report to Executive Committee: Reorganization plan for Academic Affairs. (Sheets, Lawrence 6-0-1)

6) Distributed information for discussion next week: Eminent Programs Task Force.

VI. Standing Committee reports were given.

The meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m