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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate

October 21,2003 Minutes
Approved November 4, 2003
EC #8

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate
Executive Committee 2003-04

Time: 3:15 p.m.

Place: Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present: Chairperson H. Hudson, Vice Chair S. Lamb, Secretary Sr. A. Anderson

J. Harper, N. Lawrence, R. Schneirov, V. Sheets, J. Tenerelli

Ex-Officio: President Benjamin, Provost Maynard

I. Administrative Report

President Benjamin:

1) noted his attendance at a meeting last weekend with School of Business faculty;

2) reminded that homecoming is this weekend;

3) stated that 11/18 is organization day at the Statehouse;

4) acknowledged that the Compensation Committee has sent a preliminary report;

5) spoke about the most recent EMG progress;

6) reported that the Stalker Hall renovation preparations are moving slowly.

Provost Maynard:

1) stated that he had met with CAAC to answer questions about the School-to-College proposal;

2) reported that there is strong support by the Deans for the Special Purpose Faculty–he is working with them for a statement and recommendations.

3) shared that approximately $1.8M has been allocated for searches–there is still some discussion among units;

4) reported that experiential learning initiatives will be handled through Academic Affairs instead of Administrative Affairs–all are in agreement.

Discussion and Q/A centered around centered around special purpose faculty rights and issues.

EC#8, 10/21/03

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II. Chair Report

Chairperson Hudson:

1) gave the Provost information about past mediation training sessions for the grievance pool;

2) stated that the Board of Trustees is meeting on Friday at 1:30, and that the affirmative action policy appears to be the only substantive item on their agenda;

3) gave her agenda for the next couple of weeks;

4) shared that the Senate website is progressing formatively;

5) reported on her trip to Denver to work on taglines with EMG.

III. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion

1) Some concerns were conveyed about the Stalker Hall renovation and placement of classrooms.

2) Issues of equity for full-time and part-time faculty were noted.

IV. Approval of the Minutes

Minutes of the October 14 meeting were approved. (Tenerelli, Lawrence 7-0-1)

V. Committee Actions

1) Approved AAC Provost search committee nominees to be sent to Senate. (Lamb, Sheets 6-0-2)

2) Endorsed T. Derrick to serve another one-year term on the Library Advisory Committee. (Lamb, Lawrence 7-0-1)

3) After discussion of experiential learning issues–by consensus formed a subcommittee to bring documents together to enable more focused discussion

4) Began discussion on the response to the response–agreed that some issues are not resolved.

5) Discussed the value of Senate communication with the Board—no formal action taken.

VI. Standing Committee reports were given by liaisons.

The meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m.