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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate

October 12, Minutes
Approved October 19

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate

Executive Committee 2004-05


Time:            3:15 p.m.  

Place:          Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present:       Chairperson H. Hudson, Vice Chair S. Lamb, Secretary Sr. A. Anderson

                    P. Burkett, B. Evans, B. Frank, C. MacDonald, V. Sheets, J. Tenerelli

Ex-Officio:     President Benjamin, Provost Maynard

Visitors:        N. Hopkins



I.  Administrative Report

            President Benjamin:

1) reported the State Budget Committee has concluded that bulk purchasing of pharmaceutical drugs provides savings; all public universities will participate in the State’s drug program as of January 2005.

2) stated he will be going to the state capitol this Thursday for a budget hearing; he noted ISU’s state allocation per FTE student and how it compares with our peer institutions—currently higher.

3) reported briefly on his most recent trip to Morocco.

4) noted the PPARC would meet next Monday.


Provost Maynard:

            1) updated the Committee on faculty searches this year—ad should be running in the Chronicle for Higher Education within a couple of weeks.

2) noted the dissolution of the community college partnership between Ivy Tech State College and Vincennes University.

3) relayed the University’s intent to appeal the federal audit decision regarding financial aid repayment of $1.5M for years 1999-2002.

4) noted several international delegates are currently on campus.

5) Sycamore Preview was recently held with close to 100 students and parents participating.


II. Chair Report

            Chair Hudson:

                        1) commented that the Benefits Committee has been set up.

2) noted that a response from B. House to the request for faculty representation at the Board meetings had not been received.

3) reported the allocations for the URC and AEC awards for this academic year—supplemented by one-time-only funding.

4) commented that some standing committees are having trouble finding a meeting time available to all members.

5) reported that the officers had met with the Provost to discuss general issues.


III. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion

1) Funds available for hiring special purpose faculty—although a distinct fund has not been established two resources remain available to deans, permanent temporary fund and conversion of unfilled tenure-track line dollars.

2) Communication of the deadline for information on searches had been badly timed.

                                                                                                            EC#6, 10/12/04

                                                                                                                                     Page 2


3) Pay for performance—no current instructions have been disseminated.


IV. Approval of the Minutes

            Minutes of October 5, 2004, were approved. (MacDonald, Evans 7-0-2)


V. Old Business 



VI. FEBC Report: Delayed Payment of Final Wages

Accepted as received letter from FEBC on payroll/loan issues associated with faculty death. (Sheets, Frank 8-0-1)


VII. AAC Satisfaction Survey Draft

            Chair Hudson relayed background for today’s draft: AAC forwarded at the end of last spring semester a survey draft requesting feedback.  Last year’s Exec desired to extend the draft’s review and consider national surveys forwarded from the Provost.  In response a subcommittee from last year’s Exec (Senate officers and V. Sheets) constructed today’s survey draft.  The AAC Chair had been given a copy of this survey draft prior to today’s meeting.

After much discussion, moved to forward to the AAC the Professional Satisfaction Survey Draft revised October 2, 2004 by Senate Officers and V. Sheets.  An accompanying summary of today’s discussion points will be forwarded to the AAC Chair. (Tenerelli, MacDonald 8-0-1)

Summary of Committee suggestions from discussion:

* develop survey to get information; one purpose for information, provides the Executive Committee with a basis for charges to standing committees and issue identity for agenda focus

* clarifying/specifying what is meant by "appropriate" in a number of items

* encourage consideration of using a national survey and adding ISU-specific questions to it

* add question about satisfaction with the quality of new faculty

* satisfaction with starting salaries by new/recent hires?

* administer survey via web

* enable a priority rating from a given list for opinions about where resources should be allocated

* guarantee of anonymity

* encourage questions which result in points to discuss, rather than division

* refine questions which might have negative bent

* don't be afraid of answers

* recommend utilizing IT personnel skills in survey development

* design survey with preplanning on how to use answers

* design for better demographics and still retain anonymity (further value of national survey)

* allow for a “don’t know” option when answering questions

* Q30-rephrased, “I am satisfied with the process by which faculty searches are handled.”


VIII. Sabbatical Leaves Handbook Language

            Motion to accept. (Evans, Anderson )

The Committee considered the handbook language draft by each paragraph.  Suggested modifications will be incorporated with consideration to continue at next week's meeting. 

Tabled. (MacDonald, Anderson 8-0-1)


IX. New Business

Motion to send Office of Information Technology’s executive summary on the Notebook Initiative to CAAC.  (Frank, MacDonald 8-0-1)          


The meeting adjourned at 5:38 p.m.