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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate

December 7, Minutes
Approved December 14

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate

Executive Committee 2004-05


Time:            3:15 p.m.  

Place:          Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present:       Chairperson H. Hudson, Vice Chair S. Lamb, Secretary Sr. A. Anderson

                    B. Evans, B. Frank, C. MacDonald, V. Sheets

Ex-Officio:     E. Kinley



I.  Administrative Report

            No report.


II. Chair Report

            Chair Hudson:

1) reported that the Board of Trustees at last Friday’s meeting approved: the Life Sciences department reorganization; sabbatical leaves Handbook language; benefits proposals; TIAA-CREF proposal; revisions to the travel policy, and the tuition rate hike. She reported that, in answer to her request for a response to last spring's request for a faculty presence on the Board of Trustees, Board President House indicated that it was not necessary since Senate officers had regular opportunities to communicate with the Board.

2) notice had been sent to the Chair of the Arts and Sciences Faculty Council relaying the need for a Senate alternate next spring;

3) relayed the Provost’s interest in making a regular placement for the Director of the First Year Experience;

4) noted the cyber wire to the campus community informing of the Compensation Committee decisions—a letter will be sent to all affected individuals.


III. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion

1) Compliments to the Senate Chair on her comments at the memorial service honoring former University President Landini.


2) Difficulties with the current process for assigning PIN numbers--Enrollment Services and OIT are currently reviewing these issues.


3) Request for the option to record all grades at mid-term and a suggestion to record only students not attending—will be conveyed to the registrar.


IV. Approval of the Minutes

            Minutes of November 30, 2004, were approved as amended. (MacDonald, Sheets 5-0-2)


V. Standing Committee Recommendations

            FAC: Response to Evaluation of Deans Report

            After consideration, motion put forward: accept and forward to the Provost so that the evaluation process of the academic deans can be modified.

            Approved.  (Anderson, Frank 6-0-1)


            Chair Hudson will work to draft Handbook language to correlate with the document.

            Current reviews will proceed with modifications where possible.

                                                                                                             EC#11, 12/7/04

                                                                                                                                     Page 2



            CAAC, FAC, Grad Council, SAC: Notebook Iniative Reports 

Motion: After evaluating the standing committee reports, the Executive Committee recommends that the laptop initiative be endorsed in principle and a laptop implementation committee be formed with faculty representation to be approved by the Executive Committee. This endorsement is based on our understanding that, while the initiative would provide laptops to all faculty, individual faculty members would not be required to use them.  Rather, they would be employed as faculty members deem appropriate in their classrooms and academic units. Also, primary authority and academic freedom will not be infringed upon by the laptop program.


            Accepted.  (Sheets, MacDonald 6-0-1)


VI. New Business

            AAC: Professional Satisfaction Survey Draft

            Motion: Review survey draft and forward comments to the AAC.

            Approved.  (Frank, Sheets 6-0-1)


            The liaison to the AAC will convey the Committee’s comments.


VII. Old Business



The meeting adjourned at 5:38 p.m.