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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate

March 8, Minutes
Approved March 15

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate

Executive Committee 2004-05

Time:            3:15 p.m.  

Place:          Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present:       Chairperson H. Hudson, Vice Chair S. Lamb, Secretary Sr. A. Anderson

                    B. Evans, B. Frank, P. Hightower, C. MacDonald, V. Sheets, S. Shure

Ex-Officio:     B. English



I.  Administrative Report

            B. English:

1)       budget discussions continue.



II. Chair Report

            Chair Hudson:

1) The CAAC has selected a liaison to the Alliance for Community Engagement; a MOU provides direction for this function.


III. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion

1) Budget discussion: the effect of constraints on faculty searches; lack of long range planning for the number of searches; communication needed to department chairs regarding status of job offers; explanation for spending per capita.

2) Study week: need to rename to better define activities occurring this week.

3) Summer sessions: current names make it difficult to determine term enrollment.


IV. Executive Session

            Move into executive session.  (Lamb, Hightower 8-0-1)

            Move out of executive session.  (Hightower, Anderson 8-0-1)


V. Approval of the Minutes

            Minutes of March 1, 2005, were approved. (Hightower, MacDonald 8-0-1)


VI. Old Business

            FAC: Handbook Language for Special Purpose Faculty

Removed from the table. (Anderson, Lamb 8-0-1)

            The Committee completed review.  Approved as amended. (Sheets, Lamb 8-0-1)


VII. New Business



VIII. Standing Committee Reports

            Liaisons provided updates on committee activity.


The meeting adjourned at 5:22 p.m.