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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate

April 6, Minutes
Approved April 20, 2004.

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2003-04

Executive Committee 2003-04

Time:           4:15 p.m. 

Place:           Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present:        Chairperson H. Hudson, Vice Chair S. Lamb, Secretary Sr. A. “Samy” Anderson

                    J. Harper, N. Lawrence, R. Schneirov, V. Sheets, J. Tenrelli

Ex-Officio:   None


I.  Approval of the Minutes

Minutes of the March 23, 2004, meeting were approved as amended. (Anderson, Lamb 4-0-4)


II. Administrative Report

            Provost Maynard:

1)      Budget scenarios are not good;

2)      Faculty searches were a little better than last year--his office is tracking reasons for failed searches;

3)      Better turnouts to discuss strategic initiatives are desired;

4)      Decision on the Academic Calendar 2006-2007 will be shared with SGA.


III. Chair Report

            Chair Hudson:

Reported that she will be meeting with the Experiential Learning Committee and communications continue with M. Sacopulos about codification of University policies.


IV. Actions

Academic Calendar 2006-2007

Accepted as amended to move spring break to March 19-23. (Lamb, Sheets 7-0-1)

                        Vote will be shared with SGA.


AAC: Administrative Searches

Accept the AAC motion, (Tenerelli, Sheets)

Discussion: apply to first two levels of administration; specificity exceeded advisory role; the proposal was too prescriptive; timeline for length of search; placement in Handbook.

Tabled. (Tenerelli, Harper 7-0-1)


FAC:  School of Technology Promotion and Tenure policy resolution

Accepted. (Lamb, Anderson 7-0-1)



FAC’s position concerning a Masters of Aeronautical Science as the appropriate terminal degree for the Department of Aerospace Technology:  The School of Technology in its Promotion and Tenure document specified that the above-mentioned degree would serve

as the terminal degree in the relevant department and took this position when the School of Technology P & T document was presented to the University PTOC.


The Executive Committee needs to be informed that the PTOC understood that it was necessary for it to understand the rationale behind allowing the Masters of Aeronautical Science to serve as the relevant terminal degree.  The PTOC heard arguments that presented this position and did come to the conclusion that this was a very defensible position and recognized that Masters of Aeronautical Science should be the appropriate terminal degree.


Since the PTOC dealt appropriately with this issue, FAC felt it was not necessary for it to review the PTOC’s decision.


Nevertheless, FAC does concur with the PTOC conclusion.  The Dean of the School of Technology along with concerned faculty members from that School did present rationales to FAC explaining this position, and the Provost’s concerns were represented by a member of his office.


FAC does recommend that any P & T documents that are in the review process that are sent to PTOC also be sent to the Provost’s office at the same time.  If the Provost’s office does have concerns, they may be raised appropriately at the PTOC hearing.


FAC does recognize that the PTOC is a compliance committee and that FAC does have the responsibility of setting policy concerning promotion and tenure.  Nevertheless, FAC felt that in this instance the PTOC clearly carried out its compliance responsibilities, and FAC concurs with its findings concerning this issue.


Human Resources proposal for Domestic Partner Benefits

Accepted to be forwarded to the Senate, retitled Same Sex Partner Benefits.  (Harper, Lamb 7-0-1)

Discussion: Conditions followed a private IRS letter regarding such a policy; IU and Purdue already have this type of benefit; increase in membership would not be significant; title implies but does not include opposite sex partners, friendly amended to “Same Sex Partner Benefits.”


V. Fifteen Minute Discussion

            1) Concerns about fundraisers in University Club--Provost apologized for misinterpretation of policy and will send letter;

            2) Student advisement;

            3) Concerns about freshmen taking web courses;

            4) Community misunderstanding of “service learning.


Meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.