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Indiana State University

University Faculty Senate

INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                            FACULTY SENATE


APRIL 24, 2004



Submitted by Karen Liu, Chair

and Linda Sperry, Secretary 


I.                   Members:  Judith Barad, Brian Ceh, Robert English (Academic Affairs Liaison), Alisha Ford (first semester), Timothy Hawkins, Steve Lamb (Executive Committee Liaison), Jolynn Kuhlman (second semester), Karen Liu (Chair), Jeffrey McNabb (second semester), Francois Muyumba (Vice Chair), Gregory Schwab, Linda Sperry (Secretary), Ming Zhou (first semester)


II.        Meetings:  September 12, October 3, October 31, November 21, January 23, February 11, March 17, March 24, March 31, April 7, April 14


III.        Attendance Record of Voting Members:


Absences per meeting:

9/12:  none

10/3:  Alisha Ford, Francois Muyumba, Gregory Schwab

10/31:  Francois Muyumba, Ming Zhou

11/12:  none

1/23:  Francois Muyumba

2/11:  Gregory Schwab

3/17:  Jeffrey McNabb

3/24:  Brian Ceh

3/31:  none

4/7:    Judith Barad, Gregory Schwab

4/14:  Gregory Schwab


Absences per member:

Judith Barad:  1

Brian Ceh: 1

Alisha Ford: 1

Timothy Hawkins: 0

Jolynn Kuhlman: 0

Karen Liu: 0

Jeffrey McNabb: 1

Francois Muyumba: 3

Gregory Schwab: 4

Linda Sperry: 0

Ming Zhou: 1


IV.       Charges and Disposition of Each


A.                 Initial Charges to the Committee


1.   Replenish the grievance pool as called for in the grievance policy, and establish a three-year-cycle for Grievance Committee members.

Subcommittee Report received:  11/21/03 (9,0,0)

Passed to Executive Committee with Minutes

List of new appointees forwarded to Academic Affairs:  4/7/04


2.   Review sabbatical leaves procedures developed by the ad-hoc committee on leaves.

Subcommittee Report received:  3/17/04 (8,0,0)

Passed to Executive Committee: 3/18/04


3.   Report on status and implementation of Special Purpose Faculty Policies approved last year.

Policy approved by Faculty Senate:  2/19/04


4.   Assure FAC’s inclusion in the CIO’s taskforce on delivery platforms to provide advice on procedural and implementation issues and to report activities to the Faculty Senate.

Ed Kinley, Director of Office of Information Technology, made a report to FAC on 2/11/04.

OIT Report accepted:  3/17/04 (8,0,0)

Passed on to Executive Committee with Minutes


5.   Respond to recommendations on assessment of advising responsibilities coming from UAAC and Chair’s Council.

Endorsed Statement on Academic Advising:  1/23/04 (8,0,0)

Passed Recommendations for distribution of Statement on to Executive Committee with Minutes

Subcommittee Report (survey instrument) accepted:  4/7/04 (8,0,0)


6.   Investigate and make recommendations for stopping the tenure clock and/or providing paid leaves for faculty to care for family members as recommended by AAUP, and with reference to the Family Medical Leave Act.

Approved by Faculty Senate:  2/19/04


7.   Investigate and make recommendations on the hiring of faculty couples.  Review existing policies and consult AAUP literature.

Subcommittee Report accepted:  4/14/04 (8,0,0)

Passed on to Executive Committee with Minutes



B.                 Other Charges Received


1.   Review Status of Chairs Report and Handbook Language on Chairpersons document.

Accepted Handbook Language on Chairperson document:  4/7/04 (7,0,0)

Passed on to Executive Committee:  4/8/04


2.   Provide training sessions for faculty members in grievance pool who may be selected for serving on grievance committees.

Provided grievance/mediation procedures training sessions:

12/6/03—17 persons attended

4/1/04—11 persons attended


3.   Review the School of Technology Tenure and Promotion document with reference to the stipulation of the Master of Science as the terminal degree in the Department of Aerospace Technology.  Consult with members of the Promotion and Tenure Oversight Committee and the School of Technology.  Forward recommendations to the Executive Committee by the end of the academic year.

Resolution approved: 3/31/04 (9,0,0)

Forwarded resolution to Executive Committee: 4/6/04


4.   Review University faculty travel authorization policies to provide clarification on such matters as when authorization is required, criteria for authorization or denial, responsibility for authorization, insurance coverage for faculty traveling professionally at their own or the University’s expense, etc. Report findings to the Executive Committee.

Report accepted:  4/7/04 (7,0,0)

Forwarded to Executive Committee: 4/26/04


5.   Review the Implementation report from the Experiential Learning Committee and make recommendations on areas that should be reconsidered.

Motion (including recommendations) passed:  4/22/04 (8,1,0)

Recommendations forwarded to Executive Committee:  4/23/04


IV.              Charges Remaining

1.      Advising

2.      Hiring Faculty Couples


VI.       Other FAC Actions

A.         Selection of Committee Members for the Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Awards committee, the Distinguished Service Award committee, the University Leaves committee, and the Theodore Dreiser Distinguished Research and Creativity Awards committee.

Lists approved:  11/7/03

Lists forwarded to Faculty Senate:  11/7/03


V.                 Recommended Charges for 2004-2005


A.         Evaluate implementation of the Special Purpose Faculty policy to identify the hiring patterns and salary levels of Special Purpose Faculty.


B.         Draft a policy for hiring faculty couples given the information collected by FAC this year  (for current survey results see )


C.         Evaluate the impact of advising on faculty workload and recommend how it should be calculated in student credit hours (SCH).