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Indiana State University

University Faculty Senate

INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                            FACULTY SENATE


Submitted by

Linda Sperry, Chairperson




I.                   Members:  Michael Bahr, Linda Behrendt (second semester-replacement for Ceh), Brian Ceh (first semester), Robert English (Academic Affairs Liaison), Timothy Hawkins (Secretary), Betsy Hine (replacement for Muyumba in Fall, replacement for Shure in Spring), Steve Lamb (Executive Committee Liaison), Jolynn Kuhlman, Karen Liu (Vice Chair),  Francois Muyumba (second semester), Richard Schneirov, Stephen Shure (first semester), Linda Sperry (Chair)


II.                Meetings:  September 21, October 6, October 20, November 10, November 19, December 8, January 19, February 16, March 16, April 20


III.             Attendance Record of Voting Members


Absences per meeting:

9/21:    Michael Bahr, Brian Ceh, Karen Liu

10/6:    Richard Schneirov

10/20:  Stephen Shure

11/10:  Brian Ceh, Bob English, Betsy Hine, Karen Liu

11/17:  Steve Lamb, Karen Liu, Richard Schneirov

12/8:    Steve Lamb

1/19:    none

2/16:    Richard Schneirov

3/16:    Linda Behrendt, Bob English, Betsy Hine, Richard Schneirov

4/20:    Michael Bahr, Bob English, Betsy Hine, Steve Lamb, Karen Liu, Richard Schneirov


Absences per member:

Michael Bahr: 2

Linda Behrendt: 1

Brian Ceh: 2

Timothy Hawkins: 0

Betsy Hine: 3

Jolynn Kuhlman: 0

Karen Liu: 4

Francois Muyumba: 0

Richard Schneirov: 5

Stephen Shure: 1

Linda Sperry: 0



IV.       Charges and Disposition of Each


A.                 Initial Charges to the Committee

1.     Replenish the grievance pool as called for in the grievance          policy.

Subcommittee Report received:  2/16/05 (6,0,0)

Passed to Executive Committee by mail

List of new appointees forwarded to Senate Office:  2/24/05


2.      Review report on the evaluation of deans.  Forward response to Executive Committee and recommend which policies should be incorporated in Handbook language.

Subcommittee Report received:  11/17/04 (6,0,0)

Passed to Executive Committee: 11/29/04


3. Review the document on special purpose faculty and draft additional Handbook language as needed. 

Subcommittee Report received:  1/19/05 (8,0,0)

                                                Passed to Executive Committee:  2/9/05


4.      Draft policy on hiring faculty couples from information collected last year.

Subcommittee Report received:  1/19/05 (8,0,0)

Passed to Executive Committee:  1/25/05


5. Review the policies for faculty enrollment in courses and programs at ISU, and suggest revisions as appropriate.

Recommendations passed:  4/20/05 (5,0,0)

Passed to Executive Committee:  4/24/05


6.  Receive information on the implementation of the initiative to “examine criteria for current faculty awards and determine how to recognize faculty for experiential learning and community engagement work.”  As appropriate, and in conjunction with the Promotion and Tenure Oversight Committee, support faculty in the exercise of their primary authority for standards of tenure, promotion, and faculty performance evaluation.

Subcommittee Report received:  11/17/05 (6,0,0)

Passed to Executive Committee:  4/25/05


7.   With CAAC and Grad Council monitor the administrative initiative requiring “all programs to meet appropriate productivity and quality standards.”

On advice of Faculty Senate Chair, charge was tabled:

11/17/05 (6,0,0)

B.                 Other Charges Received

1.  Respond to Notebook Initiative based on presentation by Ed Kinley and Susan Powers

Motion passed:  11/10/04 (5,0,0)

Passed to Executive Committee:  11/12/04


2.    Provide training sessions for faculty members in grievance pool who may be selected for serving on grievance committees.

Provided grievance/mediation procedures training session:

2/24/05—11 persons attended


V.                 Charges Remaining

With CAAC and Grad Council monitor the administrative initiative requiring “all programs to meet appropriate productivity and quality standards.”


  VI.        Other FAC Actions

A.             Selection of Committee Members for the Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Awards committee, the Distinguished Service Award committee, the University Leaves committee, and the Theodore Dreiser Distinguished Research and Creativity Awards committee.

Lists approved:  11/10/04

Lists forwarded to Faculty Senate:  11/12/04


B.                 Resolution on faculty enrollment in courses and programs at Indiana State University

Inasmuch as the University Handbook (III-14) states in a stand-alone paragraph that "A faculty member may not enroll in a course in his or her own department,"


Inasmuch as a faculty member who is also an administrator in the Nursing School is enrolled in a course in that College (which is also a department),


Inasmuch as it is our understanding that this enrollment has occurred for a second semester even after a protest by the Executive Committee officers at the time of the first incident,

The Faculty Affairs Committee encourages the Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate to continue its dialogue with the Provost in furtherance of enforcement of the faculty's primary authority in this matter.

            Resolution passed:  10/22/04 (8,0,0)

            Forwarded to Executive Committee:  10/27/04



C.                 Resolution on Handbook language on appointments in general

Preserve broad language describing criteria for appointments, tenure, and promotion, thereby allowing local units (e.g., colleges and departments) to decide if community engagement and experiential learning should be added requirements.

            Resolution passed:  11/17/04 (6,0,0)

            Forwarded to Executive Committee:  4/25/05


D.                 Resolution on scheduling of tenure-track faculty evaluations

FAC recommends that the deadlines for pretenured faculty performance reviews be considered.  Specifically, first, second, and third-year faculty should have reviews due later in the academic year while fourth, fifth, and sixth-year faculty could have their reviews due earlier in the academic year.

            Resolution passed:  1/19/05 (8,0,0)

            Forwarded to Executive Committee:  1/25/05


E.                  Resolution on timing of budget hearings

FAC requests that the Executive Committee raise concerns about our budget planning process.  FAC has concerns about our short time-lines and lack of strategic budget planning, especially jeopardizing faculty searches and the pool for special purpose/temporary faculty.

            Resolution passed:  2/16/05 (6,0,0)

            Forwarded to Executive Committee:  3/24/05


VII.           Recommended Charges for 2004-2005


A.     Evaluate the impact of the Hiring Faculty Couples policy.


B.     Evaluate the implementation of the Special Purpose Faculty policy.


C.     Evaluate the impact of advising on faculty workload and recommend how advising should be calculated in student credit hours (SCH).