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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate

February 17, Minutes
Approved March 2, 2004
EC #19

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate
Executive Committee 2003-04

Time:           3:15 p.m. 

Place:          Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present:       Chairperson H. Hudson, Vice Chair S. Lamb, Secretary Sr. A. “Samy” Anderson

                   J. Harper, N. Lawrence, V. Sheets, J. Tenerelli

Ex-Officio:    Provost Maynard

I.  Minutes of the February 10, 2004, meeting were approved. (Lawrence, Harper 5-0-2)

II. Administrative Report

Provost Maynard:

1) Retirement benefits to new faculty based on FEBC/Senate recommendations last year is going to the February Board of Trustees—two-year waiting period eliminated effective July 1, 2004, for eligible faculty to receive immediate contributions to TIAA-CREF retirement annuity contracts with a ten percent University contribution rate.  These contracts will have a two-year delayed vesting.  Current faculty within the two-year waiting period will be given a choice of having the ten percent contribution rate immediately (July 1, 2004) or continuing to fulfill the remainder of the two-year wait for the 12 percent rate;

2) Modification to the Spring Break in the 2004-2005 academic calendar is also going to the February Board of Trustees;

3) Letters were sent today to three ad hoc committees along with charges and timelines—Evaluation of Deans, Electronic Reporting of Faculty Activities, and Review of SCH Targets.

III. Chair Report

Chair Hudson:

1) nominating ballots for the 2004-06 Faculty Senate have been validated;

2) the Provost search is in progress;

3) she will be meeting with the Library Faculty Assembly.

IV.  New Business

Code of Student Conduct: endorsed changes as proposed with amendment. (Lamb,  Lawrence   7-0-1).

V. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion


1)difficulties with the online faculty activities report form—no access to course data and alpha-numeric limitation in description box inadequate;

2) Bookstore: old book order forms mailed; mailing sent directly to faculty hindering departmental monitoring;

3) noted current activities to formulate ADA provision on the campus;

4) problems in student housing;

5)dorm staff and support staff positions underpayment;

6) revision to benefits while the Compensation Study is underway would affect relevancy of data reviewed by the committee.

VI. Executive Committee liaisons provided updates on standing committee activity.

The meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m.