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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate
February 6, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2006-07

Time:            3:15 p.m.  

Place:          Hulman Memorial Student Union 227

Present:       Chairperson S. Lamb, Vice Chair B. Evans, Secretary C. Hoffman,

                           B. Frank, A. Halpern, J. Hughes, M. Miller, T. Mulkey               

Absent:         S. Davis

Ex-Officio:     R. English (for Provost Maynard)

Guests:         D. Wright (Student Affairs), V. French (Physics)



I.  Administration Report – R. English


    1)  Distributed copies of the latest (2/1/07) Undergraduate Enrollment Report for Fall 07.

         Data comparisons to same date in 2006:


          -- Freshmen: applications  +2% (+401);  admissions  +20%  (+421);  confirmed  -45% (-171)

          -- Transfers:  applications  -17%  (-70);   admissions  -23%   (-36);     confirmed  -35% (-9)


        Discussion followed about the significance of the figures.  Points noted:

          -- Many students apply to multiple schools.

          -- K. Snider advises that early confirmations have traditionally not been a good indicator of 

                 final enrollments.


    2) Physics [responding to a prior question]


         Provost Report to the Campus (1/30/07) says: "Admission to [programs recommended for 

               elimination] are to be suspended at this point…"(p. 3).  What is the "point" referred to?


         Response:  The "point" is 6/1/07 -- the same as the due date for plans to accommodate

                            students currently enrolled in programs to be "phased out."


        Question:   Are we still accepting students as majors in physics for Fall 07?

        Response:  Yes.  Current count: first major = 8; second major = 2; minor = 1.

                           Admissions will continue to accept physics as a major.



        Question:  When and why were discussions of the proposed articulation agreement in

                         physics with U. of Evansville suspended?

        Response:  Will seek clarification from Provost Maynard











                                                                                                                              EC # 17, 2/6/07                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                      Page 2





II. Chair Report  - S. Lamb


     Using a little ratio analysis, suggested by Dr. Bell, we can predict the Fall 07 FTE enrollment from the

     Spring 07 enrollment. Using the average of the ratios from the last four years, which have been fairly

     steady, the predicted enrollment is 8,621, which is less than 97.6% last year's fall enrollment.  Ratio

     analysis projects that what occurred in the past will occur in the future. This would be a disaster.

     We would be pressed to pay bills. Dr. Snider has his work cut out for him.


     I recall that Provost Maynard stated that a plan would be announced for utilizing the savings resulting

     from the Program Prioritization initiative. I would hope that we will be made aware of the magnitude of

     savings  from each program and what plans are being made for the utilization of those savings.


     I have met with people responsible for some level of coordination of the ISU Web pages. They informed  

     me that no WEB advisory committee currently exists and that they are unaware of a marketing advisory 

     committee.  Some of the same issues discussed at today’s meeting were raised by Betsy Frank,

     James Hughes, and others, with last year’s Executive Committee.  Chief among those issues were the 

     lack of navigational ability for potential students to find information about departmental units. The experts 

     at today’s meeting indicated that our web sites definitely are not recruitment friendly. I do not find the

     necessary emphasis upon the importance of using our web sites as a recruitment tool that is essential.  

     Do we not believe that enrollment is a problem?



III. Fifteen Minute Open Discussion  -- Points / questions raised:



    1) Tribune Star story (2/3) reported that Provost Maynard expects to recoup $1.5 - $2M from   

        proposed changes.  How was that figure determined?  All information should be shared with 

        the faculty.  R. English will inquire of the provost.


    2) HHP – The College will meet to discuss and to take an official vote on the creation of the          

                    proposed new college.


    3) What has happened to the ITAC subcommittee to improve the ISU web presence?

        What progress has been made?     No additional information is available.


    4) What sacrifices is the administration making to recoup funds? 

        Information was promised but not yet provided.


    5) Funding for Graduate Students – What changes are being made to address the issues raised?

         -- Regulations have been reworked; we are in line with practices at many other institutions.

         -- Graduate dean has not yet responded to these issues.


    6) Why has the University Athletics Committee not met?  Aren't regular meetings required by

        ISU rules and NCAA regulations ?  -- The Committee will be convened.


IV. Minutes – Minutes #16 (1/30/07):  APPROVED (Halpern, Evans 8-0-0)


V.  Old Business - none





                                                                                                                              EC # 17, 2/6/07                                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                      Page 3




VI.  New Business 


    1)  Academic Integrity Policy – (three documents)


         D. Wright was invited to the table and gave a brief overview, noting that these documents     

         are  the product of work which started in Fall 05.  Much of what is included is derived

         (with permission) from the Central Michigan University policy.  


         Considerable discussion and editing followed. 


    APPROVED (subject to final editing) for forwarding to the Faculty Senate (Frank, Evans 8-0-0)


   D. Wright commended Task Force members and others who assisted with development of the Policy.



    2) Affiliate Faculty Status – proposal from the provost


       The Committee directed that the proposal be forwarded to FAC for consideration

                (Hoffman, Mulkey 8-0-0).



    3) New Enrollment Task Force  -- Provost request for faculty nominees   


       The Committee prepared a list of nominees.  S. Lamb will confirm willingness to serve.



    4) Nominee to the nominating committee to select a faculty person to serve on the Commission for 

           Higher Education.


          The Committee selected a nominee (acclamation).



The Committee went into executive session (Hughes, Halpern 8-0-0).

The Committee came out of executive session and adjourned at 5:10 p.m. (Frank, Halpern 8-0-0).



Respectfully submitted,


C. Hoffman, Secretary