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Indiana State University University Faculty Senate

INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                            FACULTY SENATE


Submitted by

Christopher Mehrens, Chairperson





Membership 2005-2006


Veanne Anderson                      Psychology and Women’s Studies, Executive Committee Liaison

Tyler Burns                                SGA Representative

Aruna Chandra                           Organizational Department         

William Croft                              Electronics/Computer Technology

Mark Green                               Office of Sponsored Programs

Steve Gruenert                           Educational Leadership, Administration, and Fondations

Kathleen (Kit) Kincade                English, Secretary

Fran Lattanzio                           Art

Christopher Mehrens                  Library, Chair

Francois Muyumba                    African and African American Studies

Portia Plummer                          Health and Safety

Mary Sterling                             Family and Consumer Sciences

Dawn Underwood                       Office of Sponsored Programs [For Mark Green]

David Vancil                              Library [For Francois Muyumba]




The University Arts endowment Committee held six meetings during 2005/2006.  Meetings were held in the Administrative Conference Room of the Library on: September 15, 2005; October 20, 2005; November 17, 2005; December 1, 2005; March 20, 2006; April 3, 2006.  


The attendance record for the meetings is as follows:


Veanne Anderson                      present: 4;         absent: 2

Tyler Burns                                present: 1;         absent: 5

Aruna Chandra                           present: 3;         absent: 3

William Croft                              present: 5;         absent: 1

Mark Green                               present: 2;         absent: 2

Steve Gruenert                           present: 5;         absent: 1

Kathleen (Kit) Kincade                present: 5;         absent: 1

Fran Lattanzio                           present: 6;         absent: 0

Christopher Mehrens                  present: 6;         absent: 0

Francois Muyumba                    present: 4;         absent: 0 [Participated Electronically]

Portia Plummer                          present: 0;         absent: 6 [Unable to Attend]

Mary Sterling                             present: 5;         absent: 1

Dawn Underwood                       present: 2;         absent: 0

David Vancil                              present: 2;         absent: 0


Proposals Funded


The Arts Endowment Committee had six proposals submitted. Three were fully funded and three were partially funded.  The committee also awarded one grant extension.


Fall 2005 Awards


John Boyd (Music)                    Third Klavier Recording Project                $6,000

Sherry McFadden (Theater)         A Day in the Life Of…                             $2,000

Carmen Montanez (LLL)             Pelo bueno, pelo malo                            $1,500

Nancy Nichols-Pethick (Art)        The Ahistory of an American City            $4,990.88

Doug Martin (English)                 Into the World Over and Over: Poems      $3,229.50

Sala Wong (Art)                         Persistence of Absence                          $2,922


Other Committee Work


In addition to the regular duties of the UAEC, the committee considered the following Senate charges:


1.  Select one faculty representative to the Theodore Dreiser Distinguished Research and

     Creativity Award Committee.


     Response: Aruna Chandra was selected to serve as the AEC representative on the Theodore

     Dresier Distinguished Research and Creativity Awards Committee.


2.  Report annually on requests for and disbursement of funds.


     Response: See Proposals Funded of this report (above).     


3.  Follow up on past grants.  Determine a mechanism to assure that funded projects are carried



      Response: During the course of our meetings it was determined that a reminder letter be sent

      out to the grant recipients before the completion of the project to assure that the final report    

      be filed. 


      It was also determined that an amnesty letter be sent to past grant recipients (whenever

      possible).  This letter was drafted by Fran Lattanzio and edited by the committee. Dawn

      Underwood of the Office of Sponsored Submitted spreadsheets with the names of past grant

      recipients who had not filed final reports to assist in this process.


The committee also feels that, to further encourage the reporting process, a possible University publication be produced that would highlight the completed work of the AEC grant recipients over the past ten years.


 4.  Forward any additions or modifications to policies and procedures to the Senate Office.


      Response: Although additions and modifications to policies and procedures were discussed 

      during the course of our meetings, such changes were not finalized and did not warrant being

      sent to the Senate Office.