University Faculty Senate

Graduate Council

Convener: Rusty Gonser
Executive Committee Liaison: Chris Olsen

Term Ends 2015:

Tad Foster, Professor, Human Resource Development and Performance Technologies
Alvaro Gurovich, Assistant Professor, Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation
Peggy Weber, Associate Professor, Social Work

Term Ends 2014:

Will Barrat, Professor, Department of Educational Leadership
Karen Evans, Associate Librarian, Library Services
Rusty Gonser, Associate Professor, Biology
Eric Hampton, Associate Professor, Communication Disorders and Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology (Senator)
Derek Kingsley, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport
Liz O'Laughlin, Professor, Psychology

Constitutional Purview

The Graduate Council is responsible for the total academic policy of the School of Graduate Studies, its programs, and its faculty, particularly in these areas:

  1. Appointment to the graduate faculty.
  2. Admission of students to the School of Graduate Studies.
  3. Admission of candidates for graduate degrees.
  4. Requirements for graduate degrees.
  5. Approval of graduate curricula and courses.
  6. Standards for graduate study.
  7. Reviewing and passing on individual cases brought to the Graduate Council by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.
  8. New graduate curricula and programs, and revisions sufficiently extensive that the curricula and programs are substantially new, must be examined by the Graduate Council. The Council will also properly concern itself Students with the educational philosophy of the University and with the relationship of existing and future graduate curricula and educational policies to that philosophy.









Annual Report



Graduate Council Rules of Operation

Brief Overview of Graduate Council Structure, Duties, Organization and Activities

VIL Graduate Council

September 15th, 2009 - Motions