University Faculty Senate

Faculty Dismissal Committee

Constitutional Purview

The purpose of the Faculty Dismissal Hearing Committee shall be to serve as the hearing committee in faculty dismissal proceedings as provided in Bylaw 246.11. Unlike the other committees, this committee shall meet only when called by the University President and/or by the Executive Committee of the University Faculty Senate. The committee shall report its findings to the University President for transmission to the ISU Board of Trustees.

Hearings will be conducted by five (5) members of the committee chosen by lot.

Term Ends 2018

Kim Bodey, Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport
John Conant, Chair and Professor, Economics

Term Ends 2017

Affan Badar, Associate Professor, Applied Engineering and Technology Management
Qihao Weng, Professor, Earth and Environmental Systems

Term Ends 2016

Herschel Chait, Associate Professor, Management Information Systems and Business Education
Linda Sperry, Professor, Communication Disorders, Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology

Term Ends 2015

Lynn Duerr, Associate Professor, Applied Health Sciences
Feng-Qi Lai, Professor, Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Technology

Term Ends 2014

Steve Hardin, Associate Librarian, Library
Donald Richards, Professor, Economics