University Faculty Senate

Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee (CAAC) 2013-2014

Executive Committee Liaison:

Term Ends 2015:

Sue Kiger, Chair and Associate Professor, Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Technology
Dave Malooley, Associate Professor, Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology (Senator)
Larry Rosenhein, Associate Profissor, Chemistry and Physics
Ethan Strigas, Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport (Senator)

Term Ends 2014:

Jeffrey Decker, Associate Professor, Accounting, Finance, Insurance, and Risk Management
Rolland McGiverin, Librarian, Library Sciences
Alister McLeod, Assistant Professor, Applied Engineering and Technology Management
Barbara Skinner, Associate Professor, History
Kevin Ward, Instructor, Communication

Constitutional Purview

The province of the Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee shall be all undergraduate courses and curricula of the University, together with other University activities which are primarily educational in nature. This province includes, without being restricted to:

  1. Requirements for all bachelor's degrees and all degrees or certificates of inferior status.
  2. Requirements of all major and minor curricula and other programs of study, including programs of general education.
  3. All courses of instruction, including those offered through the independent study program; and all workshops, travel courses, and other special offerings, whether with or without academic credit.
  4. Establishment and abolition, merger and subdivision of colleges and schools, departments, and other academic units of the University.
  5. The policies of the University Library.
  6. Convocations and all such conferences as are closely related to academic affairs.

Since most of the academic units of the University will have committees governing their own curricula, the University Committee will in practice concern itself chiefly with matters which concern the entire University or which concern more than one (1) of the academic units. The Committee retains the right of review and intervention in all matters within its province; but it will not ordinarily examine individual courses, or minor revisions of existing curricula and programs, or individual convocations and conferences. This Committee shall, however, establish such procedures as it deems proper for publication and approval of such courses, revisions, and functions; and formal notice of proposed courses, revisions, and functions is to be sent to the Committee.

New curricula and programs, and revisions sufficiently extensive that the curricula or programs are substantially new, must be examined by the Committee.

The Committee will also properly concern itself with the educational philosophy of the University and with the relation of existing and future curricula and educational policies to that philosophy.



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