University Faculty Senate


Administrative Affairs Committee (AAC) 2013-2014

Convener: Leah Nellis 

Executive Committee Liaison: Virgil Sheets

Term Ends 2015:

Nora Hopkins, Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science (Senator)

Leah Nellis, Associate Professor, Communication Disorders and Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology

Kelly Wilkinson, Professor, Management, Information Systems, and Business Education

Term Ends 2014:

Richard Baker, Assistant Professor, Aviation Technology

Steve Hardin, Associate Librarian, Library Services

Feng Qi-Lai, Professor, Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Technology


Constitutional Purview:

The purpose of this committee shall be to keep apprised of administrative policies and procedures and to fulfill the advisory functions of the University Faculty on such matters as:

1. The organization and reorganization of administrative services.

2. Selection and removal of principal administrative officers having university-wide responsibilities as well as the creation or abolition of such offices.

     Upon notification by the Chairperson of the University Faculty Senate, the Administrative Affairs Committee shall nominate the faculty members to serve on the presidential or vice presidential search committees and forward the slate to the Executive Committee of the University Faculty Senate for election by the University Faculty Senate. Should the Executive Committee or the University Faculty Senate not approve the complete slate, as submitted, the Administrative Affairs Committee will submit a new slate.

     The President of the Indiana State University Board of Trustees or the  University President will confer with the Administrative Affairs Committee if additional faculty are needed to achieve appropriate representation of important faculty constituencies.

     Faculty representatives shall constitute at least one-third (1/3) of each such search committee. Periodic progress reports by the chairperson (or designee) of the search committee shall be made to the University Faculty Senate without violating the confidentiality of the search. The members of the faculty elected to the search committee shall report to the Administrative Affairs Committee at the conclusion of the search.

3. University budgets.

4. Campus development and physical facilities.

5. The academic calendar.

6. Registration and scheduling procedures.

7. Public relations.










Annual Reports: