Facilities Management

Guidelines for Requesting Keys

Requests for individual room keys and outside door keys must be approved and submitted by the Department Chair or approved designee (i.e. Department Secretary).

A department sub-master key will open all rooms that have core numbers beginning with the same letter/number combination. Those letters and/or numbers are the sub core code that you will need to provide. (Example: a 9A sub-master will open cores 9A10, 9A11, 9A12, 9A14, etc.)  Requests for department sub-master keys must be approved and submitted by the Dean, Director, or their approved designee. Names and contact information for approved designees may be submitted by Department Chair, Dean, or Director via email to Teresa Williams.

Building Master keys will open every door in the corresponding building. Requests for Building Master keys must be approved by the Vice President who has authority over the requesting Department.