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Construction activity is a constant on any university campus. It is necessary to continuously upgrade and improve our facilities to maintain a high standard of quality for the teaching environment on campus both indoors and outdoors.

All construction activity is undertaken in a fashion that will cause the least amount of impact to regular campus activities. Fences and barricades are employed to guide and warn students and staff of potential impacts to their normal routines and usual access to facilities.

Please adhere to the following guidelines as a campus user:

  • Respect all barricades and do not relocate them
  • Be aware of all warning tapes, barricades, and signage that might indicate something out of the ordinary
  • Use established detours when regular pathways are not available, rather than cutting through the landscape at your own risk
  • When approaching working heavy equipment, respect safe distances and the guidance of safety spotters working to safeguard passersby
  • If you notice a safety hazard on campus in the outdoor spaces contact ISU Grounds at the Work Order Request link above, or call 237-8716