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Red Oak

Quercus rubra is the botanical name of the northern red oak or champion oak, an oak in the red oak group. It is often simply called red oak.

It has large, dense foliage, and it grows straight and tall, to 28 m (90 ft), exceptionally to 43 m (140 ft) tall, with a trunk of up to 50-100 cm (20-40 in) diameter. Open-grown trees do not get so tall, but can develop a stouter trunk, up to 2 m (6 ft) in diameter. It grows to 60' to 75', 45' spread. Bristle-tipped leaves turn red in the fall. The leaves have 7 to 11 waxy lobes. Leaves are a dark green in the summer and turn a beautiful red in the fall.

                                                                                                               Quercus rubra

It has stout branches growing at right angles to the stem, forming a narrow round-topped head. It grows rapidly and is tolerant of many soils and varied situations, although it prefers the glacial drift and well-drained borders of streams.

Under optimal conditions, red oak is fast growing and a 10-year-old tree can be 5-6 m (15-20 ft) tall. Trees may live up to 500 years.





          Quercus rubra