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Pentas is a genus of the Rubiaceae family of flowering plants. Pentas lanceolata is a particularly popular species.

The plants have dark green, lance-shaped, somewhat furry and deeply veined leaves (up to 3.5 inches or 8.8 cm long, and they are quite hairy) providing a backdrop for prolific clusters of never-ending, five-petaled flowers. It reaches up to 4.5 feet (1.3 m) tall and about half as wide.

                                                                                                                     Penta sp.

These may be red, white, lavender, purple, or shades of pink. Some are two-toned. All are extremely attractive to butterflies, and the red and dark pink varieties delight hummingbirds.

It can withstand full sunlight with little to no care and looks great in pots, baskets, and borders.





                Penta sp.