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Norway Spruce

Picea abies is the botanical name of Norway spruce and a species of spruce native to Europe. It is also commonly referred to as the European Spruce.

It is a large evergreen coniferous tree growing to 35–55 m (115-180 ft) tall and with a trunk diameter of up to 1-1.5 m. The shoots are orange-brown and glabrous (hairless). The leaves are needle-like, 12–24 mm long, quadrangular in cross-section (not flattened), and dark green on all four sides with inconspicuous stomatal lines.

                                                                                                                  Picea abies

The cones are 9–17 cm long (the longest of any spruce), and have bluntly to sharply triangular-pointed scale tips. They are green or reddish, maturing brown 5–7 months after pollination. The seeds are black, 4–5 mm long, with a pale brown 15 mm wing.






              Picea abies